Preparing for more “Peaceful” protests

 So the businesses in Downtown Chicago are preparing for more “Peaceful” protests this weekend.

Yep, construction crews are boarding up all the storefront windows in most of downtown. 3/4 inch plywood and lots of 2×4’s to make sure those “Peaceful” protesters don’t accidentally break those plate glass display windows and stumble inside to be tempted by all that unguarded merchandise that might fall into their possession. Those damned greedy Irish folks….

This is what liberal governors have wrought. Businesses cannot depend on the police for protection. The South Side residents cannot be depended upon to behave in a civilized manner. “Rage!” is the order of the day, with emboldened savages expected to once again ravage the downtown areas looking for :Reparations” for the plight of their won culture and behavior. 

I fully expect that the next step is armed security, or, failing that, those businesses will simply relocate elsewhere. 

The late Mayor Dailey is said to have told his officers to “shoot anyone looting” in his day, during the late 60’s. Perhaps he had the right idea. It did keep the looting to a minimum, didn’t it? 

One thought on “Preparing for more “Peaceful” protests

  1. The Last Tradition has a good article up right now about all the good undone by the commies in NYC.

    My aged mother weeps of what has happened to her beloved Chicago. Her neighborhoods on the west side are nightmares of what was lovely. We still have kin there but only because those left are too old to move again and they cherish the memories.

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