Holy cats

Watching the coverage of the  “protests” in downtown Chicago….One might call it Theater and be more correct, in fact. 

I mean, really.

How can anyone with a rational mind NOT see these “protests” for what they are? See the theater and hatemongering? 

And don’t these folk realize that once the election is over the DNC (who is the prime mover behind these “protests) will forget about them until about a year prior to the NEXT election? 

2 thoughts on “Holy cats

  1. Unfortunately, I don't think people will "forget"about anything after the election. The DNC socialists think they will be able to rein in their"dogs of war". But once they get the taste of blood; they won't be stopped.
    "They" are already setting up the possibility of Trump losing the election and "not leaving the White House". As if they are mind readers and they just know that he is capable of digging himself in. The only area this possibility has arisen is in their minds. Their fantastical hyper communistic minds.
    "They" need to implant fear into their minions far enough ahead of time so that it can marinate in those pea brains.
    And you know, those pea brains really do believe what they think is true. Because mommy said so.
    Oh and this following thought shouldn't be used to discredit what I have written……but I really think the XYZ generation parents are to blame for all this…..they are the ones that wanted to be "friends with their children" and "everyone gets a participation trophy". These soy boys, blm, antifa,lbgqxwyz wanks didn't just pop up from the ether…..they were propagated by weak minded adults.

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