I don’t know what happened:

 And neither do any of you, or likely any of the folks protesting in Kenosha.

We do know the dude shot by the cops in Kenosha had a warrant, that he had a record, that he had a conviction on weapons charges, that he disobeyed a police order, Tazed before walking away from the cops, that he ignored their orders to stop and that he was reaching into his car for something. 

The folks protesting don’t want “justice”. they want a lynching. Instant “justice”….

They don’t care what really happened, they don’t care about anything except that a man with an African ancestry was killed by a police officer. 

And they are trashing another city because of it. 

I don’t know the circumstances surrounding this shooting. Nor do you. I have questions, and I can’t make the call if it was a god shoot or not. I’m not prepared to condemn the officer, nor am I prepared to exonerate him either. A 30 second video is not enough data to make the call. 

But then again, I’m not African American, nor am I likely to act in a Mob. I’m more deliberate than that. 

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  1. How is it automatically racist? The assumption is that the victim was shot solely on the basis of skin color. Is there any proof of that at all?

  2. Spell-checker alert; "god shoot?" 'Course, He COULD have had something to do with it…

    Funny as hell, actually!

  3. My question is was he killed? Or just shot 7x at close range? I was watching the news and they said he was in the hospital in serious condition.

    So I'm confused…

  4. "I don't know the circumstances surrounding this shooting. Nor do you. I have questions, and I can't make the call if it was a god shoot or not…"

    Nonsense. Don't take this the wrong way, but…

    Yes you can say that it was a righteous shooting. I admire your restraint because I see it for what it is. But the wrong people are going to see it as craven and will be emboldened. While you worry about being fair and lawful, they are burning, looting and murdering. You will not reason or debate with people like this.

    And our cops? Welp, they know their police chiefs won't have their backs, they know the mayors of the burning cities won't support them, they know their state governors won't stand up for them… and they know We The People won't either. So, they will stop dealing with black people – simple as that. That's the good scenario, the other is that they walk off the job en masse. In their boat, that is what I would do.

    What you have now setting up is a power vacuum… and when those happen, something comes along to fill it. What's going on now is a low level race/civil war. I've seen this neoliberal morality play too often now: they circle the wagons around feral black thugs, they hang the cops or citizens that dare to defend themselves, and accuse everyone they disagree with of racism. Meanwhile, white toddlers get shot in the face in their own yards, in front of their sisters – and nobody says anything. A white mother is torn to shreds by a black mob for saying 'all lives matter…'. They're tearing down monuments and desecrating graves.

    There is a point where cowards try to hide their natures behind acts of restraint and appeasement… and you are pushing that line very, very hard, B. And, I say this again – I am not trying to be a dink or call anyone any names, or accuse anyone… but the the bad guys aren't playing by the rules anymore. They're burning cities. We used to consider stuff like that as an act of war. This can't go on.

    My experience with people like this is that they won't stop. They are going to have to BE stopped. Best of luck to you all in what's coming for you.

  5. Glen:

    Call me what you will. I won't rush to judgement. It looks bad for the dude, 'cause he wasn't obeying orders. I don't blame the cops for their actions. Were they justified? I dunno. I'd rather wait until all the facts are in before judging the actions of others, especially when they had but a split second to decide their course of action. Were the cops justified? Probably, but not assuredly until we know more.

    Call me a coward if you wish. I bet you are the type of guy who wants Someone Else to rush the barricades.

    If we rush to judgement, then we are no better than the black people in Kenosha who wish for summary judgement based on a 30 second snippet of video.

    Now, the looters and vandals? Yep, light 'em up. Either we have the Rule of Law in our cities, or we don't.

    Next time you wish to insult me, however, please be straight out and speak plainly. Or, if you don't like what I say, find another blog to read.

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  7. LOL. I am not shy about speaking my mind, B. If I thought ill of you I would say so in no uncertain terms. (I reserve the right to still do that – if it’s necessary I’ll say my piece and show myself out).

    The fact is, that yes, we DO know what happened. We know exactly what happened and we knew it as soon as it happened. Every single one of those cops is almost certainly strapped with a body cam for exactly stuff like this. Why haven’t we seen the footage yet? I think it’s because it would have exonerated the cops just as it did when the unedited footage came out in the George Floyd case.

    Hmmmm. Our leaders are suppressing evidence that could prevent widespread riots, damage, and loss of life. Hmmmmmm. The media is in on the caper and trying to misrepresent these arrests and misinform the public and protect perps and demonize the cops. Hmmmmmm. In the face of all this, the politicos are advocating defunding the police. Hmmmmmm…. the judiciary has been utterly silent on all this which infers they are in on it and approve.

    I’m curious. You advocate restraint and call for fair investigation and treatment… yet your mechanisms for doing that are all hopelessly pozzed and corrupted. How do you see any justice coming out of this B? Am I missing something? You say you’re better than that, but I am looking at your institutions… and I am not seeing it.

    Finally…. the details are coming out. The cops had a warrant on this guy (rape, I think). Upon arrest he assaulted one of the officers and got tazed… and then walked away and tried to pull something out of his car… so he was probably high too. It was a righteous shooting. Imagine my shock.

    You are trying to live in the past, friend.

  8. Glen: If you had any credible info, then you'd know that there were no body cams (and therefore no video), as that department does not use them. The fact that you did not know that shows that the rest of your "data" is suspect at best.

    I don't see any justice coming out of this. Doesn't mean that I have to stoop to your level (and that of the protesters) and prejudge.

    The details of the warrant and his history were there from the beginning, just like those of the body cam. I'm not sure where you get your data, but you need new sources. Or, perhaps, you need to read them better and not jump to conclusions, which is, after all what I had been advocating.

    Our "victim" was no choirboy, but then again, they seldom are. The more we know, the more the cops look like they did right, but, as I said before, I will reserve judgement before rioting. You, on the other hand, are no better than those folk who are tearing the city of Kenosha apart. You made up your mind before even learning any facts beyond "Black man shot by cop" (just as the rioters did, but in a different directions). Prejudgement, as it were.

  9. Fair enough. I tried to be a gent. But – you’re a moron, and probably a cuck too – and I will not darken your door again.

    I’d hoped you were better than that B.

  10. Ah, the response of a failed argument. Name calling. And are you even sure what a "cuck" is?

    Have a nice day. So glad you are not on my side.

  11. Virtue signalling isn’t an argument, and I call ‘em as I see ‘em. I too am content to hang separately and will greatly enjoy watching you swing first. 😆👍

    But it wasn’t a total wash… I stand corrected on the body cam issue; it turns out that the cops you suspect of racism were pleading for them a couple years ago. They never got them, for some strange reason. By all means, turn this issue over to the Deep State, their best people are on the job!

    I’ve posted a scholarly treatise on this interesting debate over on my blog. You’re welcome to stop by.

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