“Defund the cops!”

We should give ’em a sample…Just a taste, as it were…

So in the inner cities (or any community that wants it, for that matter), if the folks in a neighborhood or community can demonstrate a majority of people inhabiting their area really wish to have no police presence (just to be sure that most people really want that), (and this election is a great time for that sort of referendum, innit?) the governing bodies (city or county, or for that matter, state) should grant them that wish. 

But first, they should give their citizens a taste of what they think they want…

Along about the middle of, say, October, the governing body should choose a Friday night, say 8 PM, to Sunday morning, say 8 AM, and declare a “Police holiday”…no police response to those areas that currently wish to “Defund the Police”…Any crimes committed in those places will not be responded to by the police. Further, there will be no investigations then or later, of any crimes committed during the “Holiday”. Let the people get a sample of what “No Police!” really looks like. 

No one to call when someone is breaking into your house. Up to you to make sure your property remains in you possession. No one to call when your wife or sister or girlfriend is raped….or worse…..you’d better escort them everywhere. No one to call when your car is stolen….. or someone wants your wallet and jewelry. Better keep those locked up or well hidden. Better be able to defend all of your possessions or have them locked up so no one can steal ’em from your home.  

And, of course, no one to haul off the bodies when all sorts of grudges are suddenly able to be dealt with…Payback is a bitch when the cops are not there to arrest folks who might want revenge for wrongs you might have done…especially when they have no fear of consequences from the police or the Law. I’d expect a lot of issues to be dealt with once the rule of law stops protecting criminals from righteously outraged citizens…….Maybe there had better be designated places for corpses to be stacked for disposal….

Oh, and fire and ambulance services? In most places, especially in those areas that want to “Defund the Police”, most ambulances and fire departments require a police presence when responding, so they might not show up when you call. You might be well advised to get a decent trauma kit and some fire extinguishers too. Probably better make sure your garden hoses work so you can fight random arson as well. 

I’m thinking 36 hours should be enough to help those folks make their decisions as to whether the police need to be “Defunded”. Might be it is actually too long. maybe only from 8 PM on Saturday to 8 AM on Sunday might be enough time. I think lots of action might happen in 12 hours. 

We’d have to schedule it, so that decent folks there can secure their belongings and give ’em time to figure out where they can relocate to, or hire armed security of their own to defend that which they think they value, but the logistics can be fairly straightforward with a bit of thought….

I’m thinking it will change a lot of attitudes. Probably would be good for the cops as well….a bit of time off, and a bit of respect afterwards. Probably some beatings for those who continue to insist on defunding the police afterwards too, I would imagine. But it would let people have a small taste of what they think they want. 

I think it would be an excellent lesson for the rest of us too. 

2 thoughts on ““Defund the cops!”

  1. Maybe there had better be designated places for corpses to be stacked for disposal….

    Stack 'em right in front of the houses of those "representatives" who are kneeling to the will of those whose lives are the only ones that matter…

  2. Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, DC, NYC… Gopher it!!! 🙂

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