Well, that escalated quickly

 So last weekend, I stepped out of the shower. 

Heard that odd sound that there was one loose floor tile. 

Closer inspection revealed loose grout and a tile that was, indeed, loose. 

Ok, no big deal. gently removed the cracked grout, and the tile came up easily. 

And the tile next to it moved as well. And the one next to that….. aaannd the one next to that, and of course the one next to that….

The last tile revealed a bit of soft flooring.  

So now I have 9- 6 x 6 tiles loose. and a half dollar sized bit of soft underlayment . I let it all dry out, cleaned up the old tile glue (I think the previous owner used Liquid Nails) and got the floor dried out. Stabilized and filled that soft section with some epoxy. Sealed the floor (who uses PARTICLE BOARD for an underlayment in a BATHROOM?) and then pulled the wall trim so I could get the edges clean to re-glue the tiles back down. ( I hope not to have to pull ALL the tiles up, ’cause then I gotta move the terlet and vanity and then GOD knows what other issues that is gonna cause). 

Pulling the wall trim revealed soft drywall, which is gonna have to be replaced…which is gonna necessitate repainting the walls…Unless I can find the paint I used 5 years ago when I last repainted that bathroom.  (and if that paint is still good). 

I am afraid of what else I am gonna find. Maybe it would be easier to move….

3 thoughts on “Well, that escalated quickly

  1. Move. Seriously, just move. Ran into that many years ago. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday no sleep at all and had to redo the entire walls. Got everything done and I heard a muffled meow from under the tub. Finally figured out the smell of a dead cat wouldn't go away quick enough. That and the fact that the wife was due back in a couple hours and it would still be alive. Just move.

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