The State will have it’s Revenge:

 It seems that the 3 mile Border Wall that was built on private land in McAllen Texas pissed some folks in Hidalgo County off. 

The Hidalgo County Appraisal District sent a letter to the landowner, sugar cane farmer Lance Neuhaus, of Neuhaus & Sons, advising him that his property south of Mission, Texas, has been valued at millions more than the previous year because of the private border wall structure.

I expected that the Liberals would find a way to get back at him. 

One might argue that the 3 mile border wall adds no more value than any other fence, and therefore the valuation is bogus….and that the change from Agricultural to Commercial is capricious. 

One thought on “The State will have it’s Revenge:

  1. When the county tells ya your property is worth a Shit Ton of Munnneee,, and they intend to collect taxes on that Sit Ton of Munneee,, the property owner should be able to tell the county

    Okay,, Hand me that Shit Ton of Munneee,, and YOU can have it,,

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