“Rooftop Kenoshans”

 Kenny’s term, not mine. But it fits.

He has some articles with interesting videos. (warning, graphic video of a dude with a gunshot wound to his bicep). 

Seems a couple of friends of the business owner decided to keep his business from being looted and torched (again) and this led to some kinetic interactions with the looters protesters. (watch the second link)

(a side note, dude in the video with the AR helping the gunshot guy is lucky the cops didn’t ventilate his ass). 

There’s gonna be more of this, as people in free states are gonna use the tools at their disposal to protect that property which they have worked hard for. It hasn’t happened elsewhere ’cause those folks are limited as to what weapons they have (and can use) to defend their property and livelihoods. But now that they rioters have moved into a free-ish state like Wisconsin, where lots of people are able to arm themselves (and are willing to use force to defend what they have) things are gonna get serious….and they have. (in other words: This ain’t Portland, boys and girls….these people fight back, and your ass might just get shot)

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