Damned right.

Good for the kid. Were I his parents I’d not only have made sure he was able to speak, but that sanctions were taken against the people who tossed him out of school for words on a T-shirt.

His point about the pride flags and other propaganda is very telling. Why are some words ok, and others aren’t? Why is one “class” protected and another is not?

If I had children in that school, I would DEMAND that the school board make a statement explaining the actions that were taken that day and either repudiate those actions (and describe the appropriate punishment for the teachers/”adults” that pressured this kid, or define what, exactly, is acceptable and why. Make ’em stand on their words and actions.

My congratulations to this young man and his parents.


So I went to walk the beach the other day as I try to do every few weeks…clear the mind, good for the soul, that sort of thing…..

And I realized, having been away for about 6 weeks, that it isn’t the same beach, nor am I the same man who made footprints in the sand last time….

I can’t go back….

I mean, really, the water in Lake Michigan is in the same place, and the dunes are still there in the same place, but the details are different each time…..Trees that were washed up on the beach are either washed away or buried….sometimes the beach is a few feet wide, sometimes it is a hundred yards or more wide…(and once in while it isn’t there at all). It is ever changing, sculpted by the wind and waves, changing every moment…slowly, but inexorably.

Nor, of course, am I the same dude who last trod upon it. Each time I am a bit different, changing from day to day…. less proud or more arrogant, more humbled-more beaten down, angry or content….A bit richer or a bit poorer, more stressed or more calm…But it ain’t the same me that walked the sand last time….for time changes and sculpts each of us in the same manner as nature changes the landscape.

Such is the way of nature, ever changing,,, and the way of people too, as we are also a part of nature. And so we are to the people we interact with. Unless we are there every day, together experiencing that change, growing or fading, being a part of that change, then we simply lose a part that which once connected us to that lover, or that friend …..in that the changes that we fail to be a part of, to mesh with, to experience and be affected together.

A friend may become less of a friend over time spent apart, as we and they change separately…. experiences and attitudes may change one, or the other, or both. Some friendships are forever, but they too change as the people change.

But life goes on.



The quote is “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” (Heraclitus). I realized the meaning, the intent of that quote last time I walked the beach. It saddened me.

Restrict act

If yer not aware, this is the currently proposed legislation to “combat Tik-Tok”.

Overly broad, it can be used for pretty much anything internet related.

No oversight to the people who decide.

(The text of the bill doesn’t even mention the Program “Tik-Tok”

Call your Congressmen and tell them “NO”.

Explanation here if you prefer text.

Enough of this shit.


Socialist philosophy in a nutshell.

Do the right thing, pay your bills on time, don’t buy too much, and get penalized because you have good credit….charged more for a less risky loan.

Republicans write letter to Biden administration threatening to REPEAL new mortgage rule that would ‘tax’ homeowners with good credit to benefit Americans who don’t pay bills on time

Perfect explanation of why the Biden administration and his supporters will drive this country into the ground….all in the interest of “Fairness”…

Fairness of opportunity is not the same as Fairness of outcome. IF you have crappy credit it is because you earned it. If you have good credit it is because you have earned it as well. Charging those with good credit more to subsidize those who have bad credit is socialism, plain and simple. Credit is mostly based on your historical  record of paying on time and expected ability to pay back the monies you are borrowing. IF you have bad credit, it means you failed to make payments on time or have defaulted. Why should you get lower rates than people who DO pay on time and have a good history?


Even sheep bite if you piss them off enough

Seems that the people of Hati who generally look the other way at crime, drugs, and gangs, have had enough.

They took the gang members from the police, beat them, covered them in tires and gasoline and solved a part of their criminal problem….Permanently.

Now I’m not a fan of Mob Justice, but at some point, when the courts don’t do the job (or are corrupt), then this sort of thing works to both solve the immediate problem and encourage others to take a different path.






Everyone is all agog over the firing of Tucker Carlson from Fox News…How this is a mistake by the Fox execs and all.

But one thing I don’t see ever discussed is this: Is it possible that this was an unwritten condition of the settlement with Dominion? I could see where they might make this a part of the settlement, and it is oddly coincident time wise, innit?


That’s my theory, anyway. He was hated by the Democrats and Liberals nearly as much as they hate Trump.

Just sayin’.

Feel free to comment one way or the other.


Not only Alissa Heinerscheid the marketing exec. BUT ALSO HER BOSS.

“Leave of Absence” my ass.

Gone. Good

The sales figures must be tanking even worse that I expected. Beer drinking men don’t like their chicks to have dicks….. Apparently not only Bud Light, but Budweiser as well is suffering greatly.

Again, why trash a big part of your customer bases’ sensibilities for at most a half percent of the population overall? (You’d think they’d have learned from Gillette a few years ago and from M&M’s just last year not to piss off the majority of their customer base….)

I think the only real way that Bud fixes this is to fire everyone that was in the decision tree for this decision and PUBLICLY repudiates their decision to pander to the Transvestite segment of society…..Otherwise, they might as well just give up on selling much Bud Light and plan to reuse the bottling plants and brewing vats for another brand……

(losing the 1% of sales from the trans community won’t make much difference, but making amends to the real market might help fix this)