How the next election will be stolen:

It’ll be because of an outbreak of something like this:

Doctors in parts of Massachusetts and Ohio are reporting a spike in child pneumonia cases similar to the outbreak spreading in China and parts of Europe

Bet on it. If not this, then something similar

They’re gonna keep you inside and separated from others “For Your Own Good”….make you vote by mail or online (or at least STRONGLY encourage that)…And another illegitimate President (of the DNC variety) will be anointed.


Ever notice how these outbeaks only happen before an election? THe timing of these is oddly coincidental.


You gotta wonder just what they think

I mean, A tent city in winter in Chicago is not a great idea. Not in any way.

Winter. Cold Wind. Below zero temps. A tent city for anyone is a stupid idea.

Migrant or no, illegal or not, don’t put people outside to freeze to death in winter. Send them back south. Likely safer and more cost effective.

Camping in winter is one thing…if you have the gear. Not so much living through a winter in a tent.

Someone must be making a LOT of money for this idea to go forward. Big money.

It isn’t like there aren’t a lot of abandoned grocery stores and warehouses that could be easily fixed up that could house the same number of people in much greater safety and comfort for the same kind of money. Plus these places would have bathroom facilities that an outdoor tent city wouldn’t.  Nothing like an outhouse at -20F.

Like I said, someone’s gotta be making big money.

Going out today

Gonna fine tune the trims and mark them so next time it won’t be an issue.


One point to note for those that don’t know the 340: The aileron trim is just a knob. No markings (yet) and the total adjustment, (from “crash left” to “Crash Right”) is less than half a turn. So the knob is generally adjusted once and then left alone. if you mess with it it is hard to get it back to exactly correct…. It isn’t obvious that it has moved, nor should it ever move once set.  When I went through my transition training I was told to “set it and forget it”,,, don’t mess with it….so I never did.

But I will fix the issue in that I will mark it so that it will be obvious that it has been moved from this point forward.

Well. that was an experience

Post maintenance surprise!

So I picked up the 340 from the avionics place that installed some stuff I had bought from another 340 dude. Upgraded the Aspen, moved some instruments, and fixed (mostly) the cockpit lighting.

Paid my bill, fueled up, preflighted and started the engines. Listened tot he ATIS, Called Clearance, got my IFR clearance, called Ground, “Ready to Taxi” ..They asked if I could take RWY36, or I could wait 10 minutes for 28L  and I said yes, even though it was kinda marginal, length wise (2600 ft). I figured I’d do a short field takeoff .

Pulled up to the hold-short line, did the runup, got clearance for take off,  rolled to the threshold of 36 and advanced the throttles. Being a cool day, the engines were at full 335 HP. We accelerated quickly.

My, what a surprise. Unbeknownst to me, the aileron trim was full left, the rudder trim was full right, and the 340A went kinda sideways for a moment. Plus the roll. It rook me a minute to figure out what the hell was going on and maintain level(ish) flight. So much so that the tower asked if I was ok, but I didn’t answer ’cause I was too busy trying to fly…..I did figure out the aileron roll and then the rudder trim, and got them more or less centered back where they belong (on the 340 the aileron trim is very sensitive) and got back to flying(ish) trim.

I then replied to the tower that I had some “minor” flight control issues and could I fly runway heading at 2500 while I figured the issue out?

They said yes, so that’s what I did., I didn’t wanna go higher into IMC and really didn’t want to turn or engage the autopilot until I got things settled, all the while managing the engines and all that. I was so busy that I didn’t even bring up the gear for about 4 minutes.

Once I got the trims more or less centered I then let the tower know I was ready for a climb and they moved me to Departure for my en-route stuff.

A lesson learned: Make sure no one has messed with the trims. It can cause a real issue. I damned near crashed my plane because I didn’t check that as part of the preflight (why would I?) and wasn’t expecting the resulting flight attitude. I mean, yeah, elevator trim sure…. But not the rudder and aileron trim. (gonna fix that once I get them set again, a paint marker line for the proper setting for easy visual confirmation from this point on….)


The rest of the flight was pretty normal at 11,000 ft. In and out of IMC all the way home. Minor rime icing but I never even bothered to inflate the boots, and a decent, if ham-fisted approach. Broke out of the clouds at about 800 ft on the RNAV and did a really smooth (if a bit long) crosswind landing. (why is it that your best landings are when there is no one else in the plane to witness them?)

I really need to get a safety pilot and do some more time under the foggles though. Hand flying in IMC wasn’t as good as it should have been. Autopilots make us lazy and degrade our skills.

Demonstrating once again why no decent country wants them:

The “Palestinians” (Really Syrians by ethnicity and culture) renege on the terms of the Truce and refuse to release hostages as promised.

Hamas BLOCKS release of second group of hostages: Terror group refuses to free 14 prisoners and accuses Israel of breaking terms of four-day pause by failing to allow enough aid trucks into Gaza

Can anyone who has ever worked with or lived near an exiled “Palestinian” say they are surprised by this weasel-like behavior?


Didja notice?

I mean, did you notice how quickly the “Incident” at the Canadian Rainbow Bridge crossing just faded ever so quickly into obscurity in the news cycle?


Lesse: The official story is (currently) that a millionaire driving in a “Bentley Supercar” had a Medical Issue and accelerated at over 100 miles per hour and struck a barrier at the border, causing the car to Explode (not crash and burn, mind you, but “explode”) with enough force to injure several nearby people and cause a full-on terrorism response.

But it was just a car crash: Nothing to See Here….Just Move Along.

Funny innit?

(Funny Strange, I mean)


Joe Biden (the President ‘Cause he got 81 Million Votes without campaigning) won’t be charged with mishandling of Classified Documents, despite leaving them unattended in his garage and other places.

Funny how others, like Trump, are under indictment for possessing those documents, even though they were held much more securely.

Double Standards for prosecutions like this show that we have become a Banana Republic. We won’t even bother to discuss the president’s son’s crimes and a lack of prosecution(s)

Psychotic Leftists just don’t seem to have any boundaries

I mean, the Macys’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a family, fun, affair, or at least is is supposed to be.

But no, some assholes have to disrupt the parade with protests, some even gluing themselves to the road.

Were I in charge the parade would not have stopped for them, if you know what i mean. Or their hands would have been ripped from the pavement, without regard for damage, either to the hands or the pavement.

Some shit just doesn’t fly. IF the above happened even once, where the protesters weren’t treated with kid gloves, but rather suffered physical consequences for their actions, then that sort of disruption would suddenly stop happening.


Besides, if the Palestinian people hadn’t wanted war, they’d not have aided and abetted Hamas (much less elected them), nor would they have stayed quiet while the Hamas Terrorists assembled for their attack.

Hating a people is one thing, picking a fight when you cannot win is another. Protesters at the Thanksgiving Parade do not help the Palestinian cause, I think.