Psychotic Leftists just don’t seem to have any boundaries

I mean, the Macys’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a family, fun, affair, or at least is is supposed to be.

But no, some assholes have to disrupt the parade with protests, some even gluing themselves to the road.

Were I in charge the parade would not have stopped for them, if you know what i mean. Or their hands would have been ripped from the pavement, without regard for damage, either to the hands or the pavement.

Some shit just doesn’t fly. IF the above happened even once, where the protesters weren’t treated with kid gloves, but rather suffered physical consequences for their actions, then that sort of disruption would suddenly stop happening.


Besides, if the Palestinian people hadn’t wanted war, they’d not have aided and abetted Hamas (much less elected them), nor would they have stayed quiet while the Hamas Terrorists assembled for their attack.

Hating a people is one thing, picking a fight when you cannot win is another. Protesters at the Thanksgiving Parade do not help the Palestinian cause, I think.

4 thoughts on “Psychotic Leftists just don’t seem to have any boundaries

  1. These asswipes who superglue their hands to pavement or walls need to be treated thusly. They need to be stripped naked and left glued in place. That shit stops there..

  2. I had to laugh at the “Detroit stands with Gaza” sign. After the Israelis have finished with Gaza, it will probably be in a better condition than Detroit. Maybe Gaza should import all the people from Detroit and the Israelis need not bother invading …

  3. Cut out the section of asphalt they’re glued to, make sure they’re actually free and tell them “Have a nice day”.

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