Funny innit?

(Funny Strange, I mean)


Joe Biden (the President ‘Cause he got 81 Million Votes without campaigning) won’t be charged with mishandling of Classified Documents, despite leaving them unattended in his garage and other places.

Funny how others, like Trump, are under indictment for possessing those documents, even though they were held much more securely.

Double Standards for prosecutions like this show that we have become a Banana Republic. We won’t even bother to discuss the president’s son’s crimes and a lack of prosecution(s)

One thought on “Funny innit?

  1. Regardless of Biden’s “mishandling” of the documents, it’s should be more about the fact that he wasn’t legally allowed to have them…….
    Democrats don’t want to go there because it absolve Trump of all liability for having documents.
    Wake up every morning knowing and accepting that Liberals are liars and cheaters and there is no depth that they will not sink to to get what they want.

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