You gotta wonder just what they think

I mean, A tent city in winter in Chicago is not a great idea. Not in any way.

Winter. Cold Wind. Below zero temps. A tent city for anyone is a stupid idea.

Migrant or no, illegal or not, don’t put people outside to freeze to death in winter. Send them back south. Likely safer and more cost effective.

Camping in winter is one thing…if you have the gear. Not so much living through a winter in a tent.

Someone must be making a LOT of money for this idea to go forward. Big money.

It isn’t like there aren’t a lot of abandoned grocery stores and warehouses that could be easily fixed up that could house the same number of people in much greater safety and comfort for the same kind of money. Plus these places would have bathroom facilities that an outdoor tent city wouldn’t.  Nothing like an outhouse at -20F.

Like I said, someone’s gotta be making big money.

7 thoughts on “You gotta wonder just what they think

  1. I agree send them south, OF THE FUCKING BORDER THEY ILLEGALLY CROSSED. I do not give a shit if they freeze or starve, they were brought here for one reason only. The destruction of this country.

  2. These are foreign invaders sent here by traitors and other enemies. I want their lives in America to be unendurable and unrelenting misery until they either die or leave. I don’t care which.

  3. Yep, ‘somebody’ got a nice payoff to ‘provide’ that tent city…

  4. Send them South – I hope you mean South of the border in the Darrin pass not “the south”. We don’t want them, won’t abide them, we don’t have homeless shelters as we rarely have any homeless. Our town had a few but so few it closed for lack of people. Send them to Alaska and let the Eskimo’s put them on some icy pieces that float. Seems like that will take care of some of them.

  5. Well… that’s what they get for CROSSING INTO OUR COUNTRY ILLEGALLY! Funny; I don’t see stories about “tent cities” being set up for the AMERICAN homeless there…

    “You’ve got two choices; fend for yourselves, or get on this bus and go back to wherever you came from!”

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