How the next election will be stolen:

It’ll be because of an outbreak of something like this:

Doctors in parts of Massachusetts and Ohio are reporting a spike in child pneumonia cases similar to the outbreak spreading in China and parts of Europe

Bet on it. If not this, then something similar

They’re gonna keep you inside and separated from others “For Your Own Good”….make you vote by mail or online (or at least STRONGLY encourage that)…And another illegitimate President (of the DNC variety) will be anointed.


Ever notice how these outbeaks only happen before an election? THe timing of these is oddly coincidental.


4 thoughts on “How the next election will be stolen:

  1. Everyone needs to follow Elon and just say GFY to all their nonsense.

  2. USPS union comrades found out about Trump’s plan to close it down.
    The CPUSA (D) never lets a “crisis” go to waste, even a manufactured one.
    Forward, si se puede!


    I Will Not Comply – Fuck Them. And their horses!

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