Sanity breaks out in the most unexpected places:

So this teacher was suspended for telling a Mexican Immigrant Hispanic student who was disruptive to “go back to Mexico“.

The uproar from the citizens was significant and vocal.

So they decided to reinstate her…”They” being the school board. The board did so over the strong objections of the pro Hispanic folks…Including the pro illegal immigrant local LULAC office.

I am impressed that the school board showed some balls intestinal fortitude and stood up against a loud outcry from a minority group.

We need more like this, not less. We need people to be told that they have to bend to the rules of this country and to the culture. Assimilate to this country, not the other way around. Understand that while this country should understand the culture of it’s immigrants, and offer some accommodation, tit is the responsibility of the immigrant to adjust and accommodate and assimilate to this country.

And just in case yer blood pressure is too low

You need to read this.

Think about it.

Angry yet?

The judge should be horsewhipped.
Then thrown out on his ass and banned from ever doing anything in the judiciary ever again.

This is how the invasion happens. Slowly, gently, and remorsely. This is, sadly, precedent setting.
Next time it’ll go just a bit farther.

Question: Next time a man or woman who appears to be Muslim (or any other religion or culture…like, say, a White Supremacist?) does something which offends my sensitivities, can I beat them? If so, how badly? (not that I want to, and I was raised better than that, but still…) I mean, the judge has set a precedent here….If someone does something that goes against my culture, and which I find offensive, I get to beat them up too, right?

I mean, we are all equal under the law, right?

I expect the rioting to tear Pakistan apart

Once they find out about THIS.
Except they won’t. 
Double standards and all that.

I mean, their own people tossing Korans into sewer laden water…..

Ya gotta give the guy credit for doing what he does though. He lives the word he preaches. I can respect that, as opposed to the bullshit we usually see.

If you haven’t seen this

Then you should.

Likely, if you read me, then you read Borepatch. (If you don’t, you should). His site can be found over on the left side there, towards the top. I highly recommend you make him be a part of your daily read.

Anyway, take the time to watch this. Get yourself a cup of coffee, or your favorite adult beverage or whatever. It takes about 30 minutes, but it is, I promise you, worth the time.

You’ll see another example of why I believe that Mr. Obama is actively trying, not just failing through incompetence, to hurt this country.Why I gotta wonder if he’s a plant, trying to help destroy the country economically like the Russian/Soviet plants in the British government in the 60’s and 70’s who so effectively harmed that once proud and great country into the sad reflection of greatness it is today.

While I am not a great big fan of Newt, I gotta say that he hit it out of the park with this one.

You have until March First

Do you use google?

Do you like your privacy.?

It may be that the two (google and privacy) are incompatible.

Here is a link to an article about how to clear your Google History, and somewhat disable the collection of future data.

Big Brother is watching.

Help a brother out.

Read the story on this dude.ETA: More details HERE.

Think. All his shit is gone. Everything he owned. All of it. He got the shaft by his local police, prosecutor and courts, and then again by his landlord.(Not to mention his neighbors).

It could be one of us that gets screwed.

I read about this a week ago, but had no way to find him to send him a little cash to help. But someone else has done the homework, and therefore I do have an address. I’m gonna give the guy just a little bit of help. And if you can, I’m gonna urge you to do the same.

Jay Rodney Lewis
C/O Westminister Presbyterian Church
4114 Allson Ave.
Des Moines IA 50310

I’m putting a couple of “Jacksons” in the mail tomorrow. If enough of us do so, it’ll be a nice foundation to help this guy get a better start. I urge you to do the same. $20 will likely not break you, but enough of those and he’ll be able to find a place, buy some clothes, and maybe even get a job….Start his life over…Hire a good attorney to sue the landlord, the DA, and maybe even the other folks in the car which caused the whole start of his troubles.

Or perhaps some dude to kick the DA repeatedly in the nuts. Maybe two guys.

Go, read all the links, then, if you can, send a bit of cash…

More quality examples

of people having their priorities screwed up.

Folks rioting over shoes again. 

Take a look at the people in the video. Few, if any are likely to have jobs. Fewer yet can likely afford $220 dollar shoes. (unless they are selling crack or something).

Think these folks will be rational and civilized if and when?  Think you can appeal to their better nature? Think they’ll “respec’ ” your property rights? Think they’ll “axe” you for some of your stuff, or think they’ll just try to take it?

Have a plan. Be able to defend what you have, so you can have it. Else folks like this will take it and step on you on the way out.

And lest you think I am racist, take a look at the very mixed crowd. It ain’t about race, but about culture.

I bought a high power sniper rifle in a parking lot for cash!

Seriously, I did.


I had looked at a 1874 Sharps reproduction in 45-70 with Soule sight at the Valpo gunshow, but the seller and I couldn’t find common ground on price. I thanked him for his time and walked away….One of my friends who was with me at the gunshow gave him my cell number and told him I was interested, and if he changed his mind to call me…

He did so several days later and agreed to sell me the Sharps at the last offer I had made.

So today, I picked the rifle up and paid him for it in a parking lot. He didn’t want to tell me where he lived and he didn’t want to come all the way to my home, so we met in a town and did the deal.

So yeah, I did buy a sniper rifle (in its day) for cash…in a parking lot. I hope the Brady folks heads explode at the thought that this could (and did) happen….

Anyone have any 45-70 ammo that they aren’t using? It goes stale ya know….

I’m gonna have fun working up loads and (likely) learning to cast the big bullets that this gun will eat….I’m gonna have to reload so I can afford to feed it.

Maybe I can learn to shoot things at “One thousand yards” with it…..