And just in case yer blood pressure is too low

You need to read this.

Think about it.

Angry yet?

The judge should be horsewhipped.
Then thrown out on his ass and banned from ever doing anything in the judiciary ever again.

This is how the invasion happens. Slowly, gently, and remorsely. This is, sadly, precedent setting.
Next time it’ll go just a bit farther.

Question: Next time a man or woman who appears to be Muslim (or any other religion or culture…like, say, a White Supremacist?) does something which offends my sensitivities, can I beat them? If so, how badly? (not that I want to, and I was raised better than that, but still…) I mean, the judge has set a precedent here….If someone does something that goes against my culture, and which I find offensive, I get to beat them up too, right?

I mean, we are all equal under the law, right?

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