I bought a high power sniper rifle in a parking lot for cash!

Seriously, I did.


I had looked at a 1874 Sharps reproduction in 45-70 with Soule sight at the Valpo gunshow, but the seller and I couldn’t find common ground on price. I thanked him for his time and walked away….One of my friends who was with me at the gunshow gave him my cell number and told him I was interested, and if he changed his mind to call me…

He did so several days later and agreed to sell me the Sharps at the last offer I had made.

So today, I picked the rifle up and paid him for it in a parking lot. He didn’t want to tell me where he lived and he didn’t want to come all the way to my home, so we met in a town and did the deal.

So yeah, I did buy a sniper rifle (in its day) for cash…in a parking lot. I hope the Brady folks heads explode at the thought that this could (and did) happen….

Anyone have any 45-70 ammo that they aren’t using? It goes stale ya know….

I’m gonna have fun working up loads and (likely) learning to cast the big bullets that this gun will eat….I’m gonna have to reload so I can afford to feed it.

Maybe I can learn to shoot things at “One thousand yards” with it…..

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