More quality examples

of people having their priorities screwed up.

Folks rioting over shoes again. 

Take a look at the people in the video. Few, if any are likely to have jobs. Fewer yet can likely afford $220 dollar shoes. (unless they are selling crack or something).

Think these folks will be rational and civilized if and when?  Think you can appeal to their better nature? Think they’ll “respec’ ” your property rights? Think they’ll “axe” you for some of your stuff, or think they’ll just try to take it?

Have a plan. Be able to defend what you have, so you can have it. Else folks like this will take it and step on you on the way out.

And lest you think I am racist, take a look at the very mixed crowd. It ain’t about race, but about culture.

4 thoughts on “More quality examples

  1. What stood out most in my mind was the guy who blamed the shoe store for the riot, instead of the people who actually did the rioting.

  2. I hope they don't find out about my stash of Cabbage Patch Kids in the closest.

  3. I will hang sneakers from the trees and when they come to get them they will be easy targets.

    On the bottom of each sneaker I will write "Cabbage Patch kids at Brigid's" In case one gets away.

  4. I don't think that would be legal. There is a law against hunting on a baited field.

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