Sanity breaks out in the most unexpected places:

So this teacher was suspended for telling a Mexican Immigrant Hispanic student who was disruptive to “go back to Mexico“.

The uproar from the citizens was significant and vocal.

So they decided to reinstate her…”They” being the school board. The board did so over the strong objections of the pro Hispanic folks…Including the pro illegal immigrant local LULAC office.

I am impressed that the school board showed some balls intestinal fortitude and stood up against a loud outcry from a minority group.

We need more like this, not less. We need people to be told that they have to bend to the rules of this country and to the culture. Assimilate to this country, not the other way around. Understand that while this country should understand the culture of it’s immigrants, and offer some accommodation, tit is the responsibility of the immigrant to adjust and accommodate and assimilate to this country.

2 thoughts on “Sanity breaks out in the most unexpected places:

  1. I wish more organizations would stand their ground like that. Glad they stood behind her.

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