See?: I tol ya

Sadly, even the economists and other “experts” say I was right.

Look: this is basic economics. More dollars means that each dollar is worth less. We have NOTHING to back up the paper that we, as a nation, print. Look at the price of oil (in dollars) vs the cost in gold. It isn’t oil that is going up, it’s the dollar going down.

And the market is seeing this, and responding.

Were it not for the fact that the oil producing middle east countries continue to price crude oil in dollars, we’d be even farther in the shitter.

Expect things to go even farther downhill as the world realizes that:

A. They don’t need or want the dollar as long as we have ever increasing deficits
2. We aren’t, in the near term, going to be fixing our financial issues as we continue the slide towards a Greece-like economy.
III. China stops buying our bonds as they deal with their own economic issues.
D: Gold is the only safe place to park your wealth
5. The price of oil, which is dependent on demand vs supply, will go up as the demand for fuel increases in the summer, and will likely go even higher this winter….
VI: Our current administration doesn’t want to do anything to promote domestic supply sources, forcing us to use an ever-increasing portion of the dwindling world supply of oil.

Expect even higher food prices, and an increasingly damaged US economy as prices for everything go up as a result of increased fuel cost….Consumers will have less to spend on other things besides transportation and food, so they’ll spend less on other goods, further damaging the economy.

And if OPEC chooses to take other currencies as a peg for the price of gold, our dollar plummets…like a pigeon having been handed a watermelon. With the same result, at the end.

Bet on it.

Prepare for it.

Figure out how to ride the storm out. It might be a long one.


Is a…well, a Dick.

And an asshole. And arguably the worst example of a GOP insider that you can find. I would not object if someone beat him senseless. (not that I am encouraging anyone to do so, that would be illegal…and I would hate to see anyone go to jail over him, he ain’t worth it)

I urge any subject constituent of his to vote for anyone but him.

We might not get anyone better (and likely won’t) but at least we will get rid of Dick.

And that cannot be a bad thing.Worst case we get a different flavor of asshole.

We can always vote his replacement out next term, if need be.

MLK would spit in his face

and rightly so.

Pissed posted this.

Pissed is right. If we had a GOP guy suggest that all of us white people band together and vote to get a white guy into office, the hue and cry would be loud and vicious. The press would crucify the guy. And rightly so.

But I bet you won’t hear anything about it from the MSM. No bias there.

So much for Martin Luther King’s speech…I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” …So much for that….Mr Obama is as racist as anyone he has accused of racism. Anyone who would vote for him because of his skin color or parentage (remember, he’s half white) is as racist as the fools who vote against him because he’s black. 
IF only the press would treat him as critically as the others. 


Or at least twisting the truth.

The fact is that anyone in the US has access to “health care”. Few have it freely given to them.

You can get health care….You just (generally) don’t get it for free. It is accessible for nearly everyone.

You don’t get cars for free, or bus passes. You don’t get hamburgers for free (unless you are on EBT or other government programs). You can get food free from food pantries if they think you qualify.

You don’t get clothes for free, unless you get the giveaways from charities.

If you are a liar part of the protected class, you can get a cell phone for free (paid for with our tax dollars).

The employed folks get health insurance as part of their compensation. It isn’t “free”… they have to work to get it (unless you are a government worker, then sometimes the “work” is loosely defined….but I digress…. )

My point is that no-one is denied access to health care, it just isn’t (generally) given to you freely. Like most things in life, you have to earn it…either as compensation from your employer or purchased on the open market.

Same with Birth Control. You know, that hot button topic for 99.768% of American women.

No one stops you from purchasing birth control. No one stops you from having an abortion. However, you shouldn’t get that for free either. And I like the fact that it is hidden as “Wymyns Health Issues” rather than what it is…birth control. Who says all these things should be free? Where is your enumerated right to get these things given to you?

I am all for Birth Control. I think it is a good thing. But there is no “right” to free birth control. Nor any other medication. No right to cold medicine, nor high blood pressure medicine, nor asthma medicine, nor drugs to help you with palsy or epilepsy, or for hair loss or erectile dysfunction. Sorry you have a problem. If you do, and your insurance plan covers it, more power to you. But realize that your employer and your fellow employees are paying for it. It isn’t FREE.

There is a difference between stopping you from being able to access or purchase something, and not GIVING it to you. Just because you don’t get free birth control and abortion on demand does not mean that anyone wants to enslave you, or to sew your “Hoo-Ha” shut. No one is forcing you to subjugate yourself to a man or any of the other rhetoric bullshit.

It.  Just.  Isn’t.  Free.

What is next? Is the fact that I don’t supply you with broadband at your home equated to “I don’t want you to surf the internet”? Is the fact that I don’t give you unlimited gasoline equated to “I don’t want you to drive”? If I don’t put food in your mouth equated to “I want you to starve to death”?

No one is supplying me with free hookers and booze, so I guess no one wants me to have any fun or be happy. And no one is giving you ladies chocolate-dipped strawberries and champagne and a massage, so I guess that the government doesn’t want you to be happy. It’s all the same logic.

No ONE is keeping you from accessing your birth control. What they ARE doing is preventing someone else (the federal government) from mandating that you get it for free. If you can get your employer to pay for it, fine, if not, then you get to choose. Pay for it yourself, or find an employer who will pay for it.

The leftists twist the meaning in an attempt to make you agree with them. They like stirring you up with words and phrases which have a high emotional content for certain groups. And many of your sisters are falling for it. They are using you to further their agenda. If they can get enough emotional women dancing around and screaming “keep your hands off my body!” then they cloud the issue.

Be smarter. Look beyond the words and see the meaning.

’cause otherwise you are a fool, and a tool and just plain idiot. Think. Don’t let anyone lead you with high emotion words and phrases. Don’t be a tool.

Because those kinds of people make me want to whack them on the kneecaps with a ball peen hammer. Just for being stupid.

Dood. So not funny

 I like my dentist. He and his staff are good people, easy to trust, always explain before performing a procedure, fun people with a good sense of humor. We get along, which is why I go back.


So I am at the dentist’s office. I go through the whole ringamarole, telling him why I am there, we do the exam, the x-ray, decide that we need to fill the cavity….

Shoot me up with Novocaine wait while it takes effect, etc.

So there I am in the chair, with a dental technician in attendance. Bite block in place, sucky hissy gurgling tube thingy keeping me from drowning in drool.

He enters the room, picks up the drill and mirror, leans in and says

“Where” “Are” “The” “Diamonds?”

Now understand, I am old enough to have seen Marathon Man in the theater when it first came out.

For just a moment, had I had a piece of coal in between my buttcheeks, I could have produced a diamond. Likely a really really good one.

As the moment passed, and he didn’t drill into my front tooth, and I released my clench upon the bite block, I thought about killing my dentist slowly….

I was glad, however, that I had used the restroom just prior to entering his office.

I reached up, removed the bite block and said “Louie: Not. Funny”.

He laughed. I laughed, still trying to figure if I would ever get my shorts out of my asshole.

The little 20 something dental assistant had No Idea what we were talking about.

At breakfast

With a bunch of friends.

Before going to the Valpo Gunshow.

If you have the time, and are in the area, or not too far from it, I highly recommend this show. And it raises money for a gun club to buy a bigger and better facility.

I’ll be renewing my NRA membership there too.

’cause only police and government agents are safe with firearms……

Seems the ICE had a bad apple….

Look, I am not denigrating the ICE because this happened. They are likely, hard working people doing a shitty job, unsupported by our current regime administration.

But the fact is that this was a workplace shooting, and was stopped by another man with a firearm.

You or I could never have done anything to stop this, as we “not special” citizens would have had to disarm before entering the building..

One wonders how many more might have been killed had there not been a trained man with a firearm close by and willing and able to stop the shooter.

Despite all the Psych Testing and personality tests and all that, an agent lost his marbles, unhitched his cams, and went apeshit with a gun.

Can we allow the ICE agents to continue to carry?

Of course.

But not if we use the same logic the anti-gunners use against concealed carry and private ownership of handguns, then no, we shouldn’t. We should, in fact, disarm them.

We shall see

I have recieved 5 or 6 calls people purporting to be performing surveys about issues important to citizens of Indiana.

In reality, it is an excuse to extoll the virtues of our friend and Senator, Dick Lugar.

These Faux surveys irritate me greatly. First of all, after the first one, I am aware that it is not, in fact a survey, but rather an attempt to influence my vote and tell me how “conservative” Mr. Dick is. I am already aware of how unconservative his voting record is.
I may well be stupid, but I am not that stupid to believe that the same call and survey format is something new and exciting rather than another faux survey. The fact that they think it will work again and again proves that they think that I am stupid.

2nd,  if Dick really cared about what was important to me, he’d have asked AFTER the last election, not just immediately before it so that he could tailor his lies speeches to tell me what I want to hear, rather than finding out what we wanted and vote accordingly, which he hasn’t done in the past.

III. Dick’s biggest issue is his history, and the fact that he ignores the wishes of his constituents until it is time to get re-elected. Actually, his biggest issue is that he is a Dick.

The “Friends of Dick Lugar” are pissing me off, because despite repeated requests, they refuse to stop calling me. I have already decided not to vote for him. Didn’t last time either.

His opponent has major issues, but the one thing he has going for him is that he isn’t Dick.

I still think we need to find a disgruntled international airline pilot for the next joint session.

Think about it.