’cause only police and government agents are safe with firearms……

Seems the ICE had a bad apple….

Look, I am not denigrating the ICE because this happened. They are likely, hard working people doing a shitty job, unsupported by our current regime administration.

But the fact is that this was a workplace shooting, and was stopped by another man with a firearm.

You or I could never have done anything to stop this, as we “not special” citizens would have had to disarm before entering the building..

One wonders how many more might have been killed had there not been a trained man with a firearm close by and willing and able to stop the shooter.

Despite all the Psych Testing and personality tests and all that, an agent lost his marbles, unhitched his cams, and went apeshit with a gun.

Can we allow the ICE agents to continue to carry?

Of course.

But not if we use the same logic the anti-gunners use against concealed carry and private ownership of handguns, then no, we shouldn’t. We should, in fact, disarm them.