We shall see

I have recieved 5 or 6 calls people purporting to be performing surveys about issues important to citizens of Indiana.

In reality, it is an excuse to extoll the virtues of our friend and Senator, Dick Lugar.

These Faux surveys irritate me greatly. First of all, after the first one, I am aware that it is not, in fact a survey, but rather an attempt to influence my vote and tell me how “conservative” Mr. Dick is. I am already aware of how unconservative his voting record is.
I may well be stupid, but I am not that stupid to believe that the same call and survey format is something new and exciting rather than another faux survey. The fact that they think it will work again and again proves that they think that I am stupid.

2nd,  if Dick really cared about what was important to me, he’d have asked AFTER the last election, not just immediately before it so that he could tailor his lies speeches to tell me what I want to hear, rather than finding out what we wanted and vote accordingly, which he hasn’t done in the past.

III. Dick’s biggest issue is his history, and the fact that he ignores the wishes of his constituents until it is time to get re-elected. Actually, his biggest issue is that he is a Dick.

The “Friends of Dick Lugar” are pissing me off, because despite repeated requests, they refuse to stop calling me. I have already decided not to vote for him. Didn’t last time either.

His opponent has major issues, but the one thing he has going for him is that he isn’t Dick.

I still think we need to find a disgruntled international airline pilot for the next joint session.

Think about it.

3 thoughts on “We shall see

  1. Tom Clancy writes a pretty good story, doesn't he? Is Jack Ryan around someplace?

  2. Tom Clancy? WHo might that be????

    I know not what you speak of….

  3. I believe I mentioned the notion awhile back. And lamented that OBL lacked a brain, even before DevGru got to him.

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