I really wish he hadn’t told me

A friend (lets call him Frank) and I were talking. He’s a gunny. Knows a lot about a lot of things…. He’s friends with a LOT of folks, and generally knows who is selling what, and for how much. A few months ago, ferinstance, I knew a guy who wanted to sell a 629, and called Frank to find out if he knew anyone who was looking for one. He and I put put a buyer and the seller together together and a deal was struck. Made two people happy, and banked a few favors for the future….Frank knows nearly every third person in the area, and has a handle on what is for sale too….

The problem is, of course, getting the information out there in a timely manner…..

I had been thinking about my “five” and decided to look into how much a Sharps would really cost me..(like a starting price for a new one in the $1800 range (plus sights and such), according to the internet, so it isn’t gonna happen soon, I’ll have to save my nickels for a while)..and what it would take to own one and the issues with it’s care and feeding. I’d likely have to load my own in order to be able to afford ammo, and went to my friend to see if he had ever cast or loaded the large bullets that a 45-70 or a 45-90 eat and what the pitfalls might be….and what he knew about paper patching VS grease groove VS jacketed bullets, as he is fount of obscure knowledge…

He says to me….”I wish I’d have known you were interested….John just sold a C Sharps 1874 for $575…it was like new, maybe 20 rounds, but he needed the money and couldn’t find anyone who was interested….so he sold it to Cabelas…..Shame, he had all the accessories. Bullet molds and cleaning kits, a nice fitted leather case….”







I’d almost rather have not known about the “one that got away”….