Now, isn’t that just an interesting tidbit of information???

It would seen, oddly, that against the official policies of the ATF, the agents that shot and killed Bryan Malinowski in a pre-dawn raid upon his home in Little Rock a few weeks ago were not wearing their body worn cameras.

One would ask why the agents chose not to wear the department provided devices¬† against department policy. Almost as if they were planning to do something they wanted to hide…..

So we essentially have only their word about the events that led to the shooting of Mr.¬† Malinowski….Strange that, innit?

It makes the questions even more stark…..As we all know, had they wanted to arrest him, they could easily have done so while he was on his way to work…they knew that he was employed as an executive at the Little Rock Airport….or they could have done so at his office as well.

I gotta ask: Was this an execution?

Not having a Body Cam, we have to wonder if the raid was so poorly executed that if, as claimed, Mr Malinowski fired first…did he understand that the people braking down his door at 6:04 AM were federal agents?

Why no Bodycam? Are the agents fired for such an egregious violation of policy? (NONE of them were wearing an body camera, which means that they had to have conspired amongst themselves to “forget” them. One camera being forgotten or not activated, I can (possibly) see, all 6? A very strange coincidence.

But the ATF has a history of this sort of thing. It would seem that they have a cadre of this sort of agents.

4 thoughts on “Now, isn’t that just an interesting tidbit of information???

  1. That wasn’t a raid. It was a message. A message to all of us from BATFEces saying “We can murder anyone, anytime, anywhere for any or no reason and do so with impunity”. And you do NOT film the murder. It creates too many doubts. It’s far simpler to simply lie and say “Oops, we forgot to use the cameras”.

  2. I am sure that if they thought they could get away with it your coworkers at the FBI would like to do the same….

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