Some town officials are just assholes

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Girl Scout, 13, is fined $400 for selling cookies on her grandparents’ driveway for three very bizarre reasons

With only about 2000 people in the town, I am sure that the folks there can make the “Officers” (notice they aren’t giving her name?) life miserable…..Make it hard to buy gas, buy groceries, etc. Perhaps refuse her any and all services….Make it hard to get her car fixed, stuff like that.  The town can do a lot to discourage such behavior. Shunning works.

Unless, and until, these folks learn that there is a limit to their Karen-Like behavior, this shit continues. If it was a man rather than a woman issuing the fines, an asskicking might be in order.

Elections are happening too, and anyone who supports the “officer” in the local government needs to face consequences as well…

5 thoughts on “Some town officials are just assholes

  1. The code enforcement bint was, “having a bad day…”.
    So you couldn’t control yourself, you had to make someone else’s life just as bad? You couldn’t see through your selfishness and just let it go?
    Seesh, another example of a coddled gen whatever imposing themselves on to society

  2. When it assholery escalates to the point of deserving an ass kicking the gender of the asshole is irrelevant.

  3. Most of the time such BS citations come from pressure by people higher up the food chain pushing hard for more “revenue”.

  4. like the covid police shutting down restaurants and chasing down surfers, we should have taken them out back for an attitude adjustment, just to remind them who they work for. maybe now that more people see what they did.

  5. It would be a much better world if, once in awhile, especially in cases like this, half a dozen black-hooded citizens snatched a cop off the street and beat the sh*t out of them, to illustrate a point, and the chief was “encouraged” to apologize for the officer’s previous conduct to prevent further such incidents.

    Sidelining the officer for a couple of months’ suspension without pay, for obvious poor judgement and discretion, wouldn’t go amiss either, to drive the point home while the bruises healed.

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