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(ETA: Guys, we have all had bad experiences with some women. But keep the comment decent. Please, like the ones that have been deleted, don’t go too far over the line.)


Got a kid that hangs out with the old guys at the airport sometimes. He’s learning a valuable, but VERY painful lesson.

Not about planes, mind you, but about life…and women.

Ferinstance… He’s learning:

If you do something wrong in a relationship with a woman, if she thinks it is bad enough (or simply is feeling pissy that day) then she will never forget it. (She may forgive, but probably not). She’ll probably never forget either way.

Yet everything you do that is good for a woman is easily (and frequently) quickly forgotten and ignored in the balance of things.

Bought her jewelry? Yeah. that was yesterday. Spent money you couldn’t afford on something she wanted…..Meh.

Took her on a trip? Yeah, that was then. Took care of her parents, or family? Yeah, that was so last year.

Worked 70 hour weeks to pay for the house she wanted….She forgot about that.

Held her, protected her, comforted her in a bad time, yeah, that is in the past.

Committed to her, chose her and only her as your only one? Yeah that was then.

Gave her your love and devotion and fortune? Yeah, so what. ….yesterday.

Funny how ungrateful and unrepentant a women can be once she already has the gain from it…and/or no longer needs you. …or desires your presence,… Once she decides, then nothing is the past really holds any value. All discarded like trash. (but she won’t give the jewelry or other material possessions back, either)

My younger friend is learning this lesson (and bleeding for it) right now. She can’t even behave towards him as she would like him to behave towards her….that double standard that women always seem to have…..

He’s amazed how very, very little all the things he did right (then) actually matter (now). It’s killing him. He thought doing the right things and sacrificing and things that made her happy might get him a tiny bit of gratitude. Poor dude. This divorce may break him…and not financially.

Out of the 10 of us who were there listening to his tale of woe, none of us, not one,  could say that their experience was actually that different. 80 years old to 30 years old, wealthy or not, we all had to learn how ungrateful and short term women can be. And how cruel their behavior can be.

It’s no wonder that young men today are simply Going Their Own Way. They see….they notice.  Things like the internet make it harder for women to hide their behavior. (and honestly, I think women born before 1960 or so just behaved better…and the closer to today they were born the worse they behave)

One of the old gents said ” Son, if you treat a dog decent, they’ll remember that and at least be nice to ya and probably not bite you…. probably stick around….. Not so for other critters…better you learn that lesson sooner than later”.

No one could argue with that. Sad reflection on women, really. At least she didn’t trap him with a kid. But she’s gone, he’s heartbroken.

I feel for the kid.



11 thoughts on “Innit funny

  1. I am still expecting that to happen to the Ginger formerly known as Prince.

    The shock-waves will be epic. “But I thought you loved me for who I am?”

    “Nope, sucker. I loved you for who you were.”

  2. It’s a lesson all men have to learn the hard way. Some never learn it. The way society now functions….with the courts MASSIVELY biased against men in a divorce, only a fool would ever get married. You can’t change women and their inherent selfishness. All you can do is protect yourself.

  3. You’re never too old to be taken back to school.

    At least rattlesnakes, unlike women, have the courtesy to rattle before the poisonous bite.

    If some women weren’t so fun to play with, they’d all be shot on sight. And with only themselves to blame.

    • Profound Aesop, and I don’t give that honorarium lightly or often. At 66 years of age, I am going 4 decades of having learnt that lesson. Women, can’t love them enough, can’t shoot them and bury them deep enough to never surface.

      • Now, now, not all women are that toxic.

        But 99.84% give the rest a bad reputation.

  4. I think it was Pioneer Preppy at “The Small Hold” who said that men have no defense against women because they can’t see them as the enemy.

    I’ve been married 42 years. I can’t count he number of times that my love, fidelity, loyalty, labor, support, finances, and the like have gone unappreciated. Neither can I count the times when I’ve been thrown under the bus in favor of the kids, even though she KNEW the kid in question needed to have tire tracks up HIS back.

    Why am I still married? Promises. Promises to God. Promises to my wife. Promises to the kids. That, and divorce is the “nuclear option.” Everything gets destroyed, and given the UNABASHED BIAS of the court system, the man NEVER recovers from it…

  5. I don’t know where y’all get your women but the way you idiots talk about them it’s no wonder you get any women at all. Jeezz.

    • Good luck with that outlook.
      Really hope it works out for ya.

      If yours will let you, you should probably get out and about more.

    • I can have all the women I want….Sadly I am stuck on one that isn’t stuck on me. Life’ can be like that.

      But show me one single one that cannot justify her actions somehow, who won’t fail to appreciate the hard work men do to protect, house and support them, One that is grateful for her man being her man.

      If she decides to not care, she will. Without a shred of guilt.

    • Hey, LOOK!!! A guy who can SEE THE FUTURE before he takes a wife, and likes to call strangers IDIOTS!!!

      …He’s probably married to his German Shepherd…

  6. Were women ever to lose their monopoly franchise rights on vaginas and uteruses the great majority of men would have nothing to do with them; the risk / reward ratio would shift so far out of balance as to make any investment in time or money a sufficiently strong negative as to preclude it.

    Anon 2

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