If you understand, you are OLD!

It occurred to me last night that no kids today will have the pleasure of turning the albums backwards trying to find hidden messages in they sounds that came out of the speakers.

And that should tell you how old I am…..

I call Bullshit

“Why we should NOT include the “Citizenship” question in the 2020 census”

Fuck’em. THe data about population and such should ONLY include citizens. This data is used to distribute federal monies (among other reasons)to states. Those states with a high illegal population should NOT get more federal money because of that population. (I’m thinking Kalofronica here). Cities too get money based on their population, and the same issues apply.

At the end of the day, the Census is designed to count CITIZENS, not just folks living here.

And here we have corroboration:

Of the stuff I posted on the “Privacy” post 2 down from this.

You can be tracked. Easily. More easily and in more ways in some places than other, but tracked via cell phone for sure.

The phone of the Austin bomber was used to track him and determine his whereabouts in the days prior to his arrest…making him a suspect once they thought he might be…..In other words, his truck was seen at (or near) the FedEx office…which led to a license plate, which led to a name, which led to a cell phone, which led to tracking his PAST whereabouts….which led to him being more than a suspect.

Now, I’m not bombing anyone (yet, anyway) and I don’t commit crimes as a rule….But read this article to see how, exactly, you can be tracked if someone wants to do so. (HT: Kenny at Knucledraggin).

If you want to hide, you gotta have a car not in your name, and a phone not in your name and neither can be traced to you….and they can NEVER be co-located with your “Legit”phone or car….and that is difficult.

Now, again, I doubt anyone reading this is trying to hide at this time…..I;m certainly not. But simply “paying cash” doesn’t make you invisible, either.

Just in case you missed it

When I linked Aaron’s post about where the money is coming from for the new Gun Control Push using the Parkland High School students as their spokes-mannequins, you can find the original post that he links HERE at Sultan Knish.

It makes for interesting reading. Unless, of course, you just Want To Believe and Follow. Then you won’t like it. 


So I posted earlier that I was going to stop using my CitiBank credit card due to their posted policy regarding sales of firearms, magazines, and ammunition.

In the comments, someone asked why I used a credit card at all, instead of cash?

I relied, “Convenience” and “Rewards”.

The subsequent comment mentioned “privacy.”.

“Paying cash makes it more difficult for the Government to track you”

Well, folks, you gave that up when you chose to carry that cell phone with you everywhere you went. You buy things at places that have video surveillance, so if anyone cares to look for you, they can find you using Facial Recognition. You have that “Magic ElfBox” that gives anyone that has the pull to find out your location, and in stores, it is even used to track you within the store. If someone cares enough, they can even listen to your conversations with other people, not just your texts and phone calls……

And if you drive a car that has any of the electronic conveniences that come in nearly all autos today like OnStar, or Internet in the car (even if you never sign up for the service) then those that might care enough can track you that way as well. And, again, listen to what you say in the car too. If you have an electronic toll tag, then you are trackable via that device. In many (most, actually) parts of the country, there are license plate readers that scan traffic all the time….In larger cities there are BLOCKS where the entire street has video surveillance…

You really can’t hide. You can, of course, drive a car made before 1990, or use a bicycle, and not have a phone, and wear a mask all the time. Pay cash for everything. never go anywhere far from home…..

Anything else, you can be tracked. if, of course, someone wants to and has the resources out government has.

If they care enough to check any of the above, that is….Your daily normal purchases don’t matter that much, if they powers that be choose to track you. And I don’t use the cards for anything besides normal purchases …gas, groceries, clothing, restaurants, etc. I just try to be unremarkable…..Nothing to see here, folks….

Since I can’t easily hide, I don’t try…. I spend my money as I see fit, never (mostly) hiding the fact. I also get the convenience of not having to carry large sums of cash on a daily basis, and of having records of my purchases with the credit cards.

This way, however, should I choose to leave my cell phone at home and pay cash and travel using a friends car, it’s even harder to find me, ’cause that behavior is unusual….And someone has to REALLY be looking….

I’m not that important to think that anyone is watching my every movement, mind you. That takes a lot of time and people. But when it matters, I can make it harder….

But I refuse to hide my everyday life. Why stand out? Just be one of the crowd. 

You can’t really hide unless you live on a farm in Kansas or a cabin in the rockies or a hut in Maine, far from every other human….And even then, there are satellites if anyone cares to watch you. And, of course, the person posting that uses the internet, so….


Very strange. One would think that one would remember the details very, very accurately after a traumatic experience like that……

 Yet here we have this (Watch from start at 4:26 until at least 4:44):

And then this:

Strange dichotomy, isn’t it?
I guess when you are lying it is hard to remember which version of reality you are talking about at that moment?

Curiouser and curiouser…..Yet the Media won’t do their job, and will, instead, set forth the correct meme and tell the story to sell the particular meme they wish to….

Yeah, I know, more Reynolds Wrap…….


For those who say that Citibank doesn’t have the right to do what they are doing regarding the sale of guns and ammunition and magazines using their banking service:

you are wrong.

They DO have the right. They can set whatever restrictions they choose to  (subject to legal restrictions) on commerce using their banking services or their credit card processing service. That is their right.
There are no requirements for them to do business with anyone that whey don’t wish to. They can set whatever legal restrictions they choose to.

You and I, however, don’t have to do business with them. That is our right. We can choose to use other credit card suppliers and other banks.

Keep the thought that BOTH of us, CitiBank and us, as individuals, have the rights to transact our business in whatever legal manner we choose…with whomever we choose to do so. That’s the thing about our system. The good goes with the bad.

Freedom is like that.