I call Bullshit

“Why we should NOT include the “Citizenship” question in the 2020 census”

Fuck’em. THe data about population and such should ONLY include citizens. This data is used to distribute federal monies (among other reasons)to states. Those states with a high illegal population should NOT get more federal money because of that population. (I’m thinking Kalofronica here). Cities too get money based on their population, and the same issues apply.

At the end of the day, the Census is designed to count CITIZENS, not just folks living here.

2 thoughts on “I call Bullshit

  1. Screw the money. The census determines how many people live in a state ( not how many citizens) and establishes the number of Representatives accordingly — thus electoral votes. High illegal states like California, Colorado, New York, Illinois, and Texas are over-represented based on a census of people, not citizens!

  2. They don't want the question because it might discourage illegals from answering, lowering the people count. Second it might show how many illegals there really are thus really alarming the anti illegal trend.. Third, someone might take note and start legislation to make sure only citizens are counted. None of this fits the Democrat play book

    Oh and yes, it might affect the money.

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