If you understand, you are OLD!

It occurred to me last night that no kids today will have the pleasure of turning the albums backwards trying to find hidden messages in they sounds that came out of the speakers.

And that should tell you how old I am…..

4 thoughts on “If you understand, you are OLD!

  1. Yeah, we're old now.
    I realized a while back that I have T shirts at home from concerts I have seen that are older than some of my coworkers.

  2. Yeah, Same here. Concerts and bike meets. Older by far than some of the kids I used to employ.

  3. On the plus side of it though, I noticed also that ever since my beard went completely white, I very, very rarely get fucked with anymore by anybody and that I get away with all kinds of grumpy, ornery old man shit.
    Sometimes I go out of my way with it just for fun.
    Every once in a while I even get smiled at by pretty young things.
    It's that Grandpa thing I know but it perks an old fart right up, every time.

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