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  1. So the NRA sees an increase in ‘donations’ after a school shooting? Nearly triple the ‘normal’ amount? Why, IF I were an aluminum foil hat wearing conspiracy advocate, I would offer that the NRA is promoting clandestine operations against school children to increase profits! I think that’s called ‘a false flag’ if I’m not mistaken.

    Do you see how normal, innocent news stories like this one can be twisted to fit the narrative an individual aims to promote? Opining that the school kids that endured and survived the Parkland tragedy are actually actors and props hired by gun control advocates is another example of twisting a story to fit the viewpoint.

    B, I get that weapons are your livelihood and that any restrictions would impact you directly. Just as any regulation in the aviation industry can impact me. But can you agree that often a news story can be read on its merits and not have any nefarious meaning behind it? Or does everything/everyone not agreeing with your viewpoint have ulterior motives?


  2. Pretty much got everything wrong there, my friend.

    Weapons are not my livelihood. Just a hobby. And a lifestyle.

    The increase seems to have been after the shooting, and is attributed to the gun owners response (a real grassroots response) to the targeted, "Astroturf" protests in reaction to the shooting. Have you listened to young Mr. Hogg? He is, if not an actor, VERY well prepped. Add in the well organized and funded "Grassroots" protests (Do you really believe a bunch of 17 year olds could organize such a protest? Do you think they paid their airfare and expenses with babysitting money?) and you see what people like me saw….and responded to. I didn't send the NRA a dime (so far) but if you think this was all school kids, then I got a bridge to sell ya….(cash only and small bills please),,, Somehow, I doubt you are that stupid.

    I'm not sure what the last two sentences are meant to ask. If you are asking if I think there is a conspiracy to take away or severely restrict firearms and the Second Amendment, then yes, I do. If you want to know if I think that some big money is behind this effort, yes, I do. If you are asking if I think the NRA is profiting from the obvious conspiracy, yes, I do. And, obviously, lots of folks who think like I do are responding with cash to help the fight.

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