For those who say that Citibank doesn’t have the right to do what they are doing regarding the sale of guns and ammunition and magazines using their banking service:

you are wrong.

They DO have the right. They can set whatever restrictions they choose to  (subject to legal restrictions) on commerce using their banking services or their credit card processing service. That is their right.
There are no requirements for them to do business with anyone that whey don’t wish to. They can set whatever legal restrictions they choose to.

You and I, however, don’t have to do business with them. That is our right. We can choose to use other credit card suppliers and other banks.

Keep the thought that BOTH of us, CitiBank and us, as individuals, have the rights to transact our business in whatever legal manner we choose…with whomever we choose to do so. That’s the thing about our system. The good goes with the bad.

Freedom is like that.

2 thoughts on “Clarification:

  1. I agree with you, but I do have a question. Doesn't Citibank rely on the U.S. government for some things, like the bailout back in the recession, and probably other things that I don't know about. So if that exists, then yes, we do have the right to expect certain behaviors from them.

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