When Bubba Clinton got a Hinkleman from Monica (Blue Dress) Lewinsky, and wet his cigar right there in the Oval office, weren’t we told it was his personal business and any issues were between him, Monica, and Hillary? None of our business, right?

Now, apparently, TheDonald may or may not (probably May) have had some kind of relationship with some skank named (professionally) as Stormy Daniels (AKA Stephanie Clifford)….If he did (he probably did) isn’t that their business, and none of ours? I mean, it happened (if it did) before he was president, and on private property and not in a government office ……

I mean, Bubba’s life choices were none of our business (according to the Media and the DNC), why are Donnie’s? Isn’t it between some cheap hooker porn star that can be bought off easily and Donnie and Melania? Or have the rules changed because this time it isn’t a Democrat?

Why are all the women outraged now, when Melania may have been cheated on, and not when Hillary certainly was?

Oh, yeah, ’cause someone in power ordered the Media to tell all these women it matters this time……and that they should be outraged. Because Trump.

Double standards and all that. At least Donnie picked a sorta decent looking party girl and not a tubby Jewish skank (allegedly). 

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  1. When Clinton did all his fooling around, some of his escapades were allegedly forceful with at least one woman claiming he raped her. At least with Trump, if he did it (which I think he may have), it was consensual or at least no one is yet crying rape. With either one of them, I do not see why neither has the balls to just come out and say: "Okay I had an affair or had affairs. Now let's get on with the business of running the country."

  2. Now B, you’re trying to rewrite history. There was outrage at Bubba’s escapades. It was by all the evangelical right over committing the sins of adultery. Those same that screamed for blood then are suddenly silent or making excuses now. Bubba lied about it and tried to cover it up, that’s what the impeachment proceedings were about. Trump is (allegedly) lying and trying to cover his tracks (double entendre intended). The main difference between the two is one happened in the Oval Office, the other before he became president (although Bubba had some before he was elected also.

    Comparing the media coverage now to the coverage then is like comparing apples to oranges. We have many more and larger news sources when one considers the number of oulets on the internet. Just because it’s your guy in the cross hairs now is no reason to complain about unfair coverage, or to divert the conversation toward a historical comparison. Right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter who does it.


  3. Oh, I agree D. I'd prefer that he said "Yeah, I fucked her" and then let the leftist media (but I repeat myself) go bananas and let them get over it.

    THe issue is twofold. Billy lied under oath (a felony) and then the media and the DNC told us it didn't matter, it was between the three of them. Now the media and the DNC) (But, again, I repeat myself) states that this is everybody's business "because Trump".

    The non-left isn't just the Evangelicals. Lots of folks like me don't do the church thing, but still don't go "Progressive".

    We still have a monolithic media composed of liberals who give us a liberal spin on everything….CNN, MSNBC,the Big Three networks, every large newspaper, etc. They all spin for the DNC viewpoint… Single standards, not one for DNC types and another for everyone else. If it wasn't anyone else's business then, it isn't now.

    Try to be honest in your spin, ok? Set some standards and stick by 'em, dude. Stand for something, don't weasel everytime. Can't keep moving the goalposts and changing the rules to suit your feelings. Have some standards, man.

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