Comments on NRA elections

Have y’all got suggestions as to who to vote FOR?

As importantly, whom NOT to vote for?

Suggestions on those who are not going to continue to let WLP continue his reign? Who will cut him back to size at least? Perhaps decrease his personal budget for travel and clothing and such?

If you have suggestions or comments, please, feel free to use the comment section. Please be specific and factual, if at all possible. 

He’ll be pissed for me asking

But my brother is having somewhat serious surgery this morning.

Do me a favor:
Drop a Dime to your favorite deity and ask them to lean on the Fates and help make this surgery successful, if you would.

Ii yer an atheist, think good thoughts.


ETA: 12:30
Out of surgery. So far so good.
Thanks for the help

Let them who speak start it

So there’s a bunch of folks who are convinced that things got worse at Richmond, and that the only way to fix things is to start the fighting now.

Perhaps they are correct. I dunno. I don’t think so though.

They say the Soap Box has failed. Yes, it has.

They say the Ballot Box failed. Nope, the People of Virginia failed to bother. They got what they got because they failed to choose. They let 40% (yes FORTY PERCENT) of the voters choose. The other 60% stood by and did nothing….Didn’t bother to give their vote…and got shit on because they didn’t bother to vote.

Time for the Ammo Box? Perhaps. But that’s a step one should take only after careful consideration.
“Make haste Slowly”….Kinda hard to step back once that Box is opened.

The claims that the folks at Lobby Day in Richmond should have broken the barricades and stormed the building? Yeah, like that would have helped. Like the press would’t have spun that against the folks wanting their Second Amendment rights. Like that wouldn’t have given the Governor the excuse he needed to bring in police and arrest a bunch of folks…..

And I’ve noticed that all these folks who think that the Lobby Day and other such groupings ion solidarity should have turned out differently are always somewhere else. Yes, I too believe that it was a waste of time. I didn’t go, and I think that being there was ineffective. I don’t think that they should have started a civil war either. Once you go there it’s hard to unfuck the goat.

So all those folks that use terms like “Guncucks” and think that there should have been more “Civil Disobedience” and such are always Keyboard Commandos…..They are never willing to be on the front lines, They refer to  “Ghandi” and his protests….forgetting that tens of thousands of folks got beaten, crippled and some killed. And that those were PEACEFUL protests (on the part of the Indians, anyway). I don’t see these folks stepping up for their Hickory Shampoo. I don’t see them willing to be teargassed nor possibly shot. They expect someone else to do it.
Well boys, why don’t you stand up and act? I don’t really think you’ll accomplish much, and you certainly won’t do my side any good in the press nor the minds of legislators…But at least you will be identified as a troublemaker and you can get the “Boogaloo” you want.  So step on up and make it happen, boys.
Or shut up .
Get off my side. 

I may have been WuHan’d

See, I had Chinese food yesterday fer lunch.

Today, I woke up with a terrible runny nose, chest congestion and a slight fever. I coughed up about a quart of strangely colored phlegm and about the same from my sinuses. Could be the new and improved CoronaVirus…..

Or, I could have a cold. Hard to tell. More later if I survive. 

Goddamnit! For the second year in a row it failed to post

Whynthefuck that happens every year, I dunno. I even pre-scheduled it last week.

Last year I let it go and didn’t post late. But not this year.

But I, once again, failed to pay homage to John Moses Browning, the inventor of my favorite handgun and arguably the father of the modern semi-automatic pistol. (and lots of other firearms families)

Nearly every semi auto pistol sold in this century is a derivation of one or more parts of the design that JMB first developed in the early 1900’s… Either the slide, the tilting barrel or both. Glock, Sig, etc. Even the many blowback pistols use some parts of the JMB designs.

One wonders what he could do today with modern materials and some of our modern manufacturing techniques.

So here’s to the birthday of John Moses Browning.

2 days late. 


So Trump is accused of somehow gaining something by ” withholding military aid amounting to tens of millions of dollars”… to push the government of Ukraine to investigate corruption.
But Joe Biden, when he was VP, threatened to withhold a BILLION dollars to stop a prosecutor…get him fired, in fact…who was investigating his son… (And we have him confessing bragging about this on video)

I fail to see the difference, and if one is criminal, then so is the other… Why no charges then on Slow Joe? IF it isn’t a crime, then why bother with this impeachment?

Or am I somehow missing something?  If I am, then please, tell me…explain in detail. (No, the answer isn’t Because Trump!!!!) be logical. I’m open to an explanation. 

Interesting timing


The State Government in Washington will soon be debating several gun bans control measures (for public safety, of course). Apparently, these have been proposed for several years, but despite a Democrat controlled legislature, these bans have failed several times….

And in a strange coincidence,  there was a mass shooting last night in Seattle. Odd circumstances, ’cause even in places like Chicago’s south side and Baltimore and such, these sort of shootings generally don’t happen in the early evening, but rather late at night….and people who are walking and talking together one moment aren’t shooting indiscriminately at each other a moment later….but that is what reportedly happened today in Seattle. (and, oddly, apparently neither could hit the other, but shot innocent bystanders instead).

As I said. Strange. But coincidences are like that….ya know? 

A thought:

The Governor of Virginia was elected in an election where only about 40% of the eligible citizens actually bothered vote.

And there was a great deal of high turnout in the DNC controlled areas…

So how many of the rest of the citizens in the rest of the state actually bothered to vote?

They let the DNC controlled areas (those where the election was, effectively, bought and sold) decide their new Governor and most of their new state Legislature.
And the results of electing those folks was predictable. They got a VERY Leftist set of folks governing their state.

Yet there were, according to some estimates, 25,000 people who showed up on Lobby Day…and those folks were most assuredly NOT represented in the new government of Virginia.
Figure that for every one person who was at the Lobby Day, there were 10 who couldn’t make it due to work or other obligations.
Call it a quarter million people that are most assuredly not in agreement with, nor represented by, the current government.

If each of those 250,000 folks would do their best to get 100 people to vote (participate in voter registrations, help people get to the polls, etc) they could get another 25,000,000  people to vote…except that there aren’t that many people in Virginia….. I’m not even sure by what margin the last election was won….and I do know that Fairfax county has over 1/8 of the population…. you won’t get all 250,000 of the folks to do as I suggest. But half of that quarter million gaining 10 additional votes each would be over 1.2 million….

But the only way that the rest of the state gets to be heard is for each of those folks who attended, and perhaps each of the ten that they represent DOES something to make sure that the rest of the 60% of their fellow votes vote…so that the Urban counties are offset by the Rural counties. If the DNC Machine can override the rest of the state, it will do so only if the rest of the state is too lethargic to bother to be heard. And that is what happened in the last election.

Again, if each of the folks who were at the Lobby day would MAKE SURE that they get like minded people to vote….and help them decide not to vote for the folks who don’t have the Rural folks needs, wants, and interests at heart, then they can change things…..if not, then they become like many other states..appendages of the large, populous cities that dominate their states….think Illinois (Chicago), or (largely) Michigan (Detroit) Kalifornia (LA) etc.
I can’t help these folks do this, I’m not from Virginia….But if those folks at the rally would commit to changing things come election day (by rallying their fellow citizens) then they can reverse this.
If not then they become another casualty in the Urban v Rural battle.

And we all lose another small bit of freedom.