OK, so i’m not the only one:

Forbes sees the danger as well…(read BOTH pages).

We are were a nation of laws. If Barry Obama can ignore and set aside laws which he finds distasteful or inconvenient, can you and I not do the same? Can id decide which laws are valid and which are not based on my agreement with them?

This is a usurpation of power…Where will it ultimately lead? If he can get away with usurping the Constitutional powers reserved to the House and Senate, can he then go farther, having set a precedent, and refuse to step down at the end of his second term? (I realize that this is unlikely, but if can do one, then he can do the other).

If the Constitution is no barrier or obstacle to, or limitation upon, any single man’s power, what is? What limits are there? Can he then restrict voting? Prevent elections? Set aside vote counts? incarcerate those who disagree with him just because he wishes to even though they have broken no laws?

The Constitution is all that stands between us and the tyranny we see happening in other counties, both third and first world. ANY erosion of that bulwark is dangerous and precedent setting.

Enough is enough. This must stop. Immediately. This isn’t about politics. It is about Constitutional law. I call upon our legislators and our Courts to stop this. Right now.

We have an imperfect Republic, but it is ours…and it works. It has made the United States the best country, the place where freedom loving people have striven to come to, for 237 years….

But can we keep it?

What are you thankful for?

Actually, that should read: “For what are you thankful?” (that tip to Gretchen G, my first college engrish teacher…)

All joking aside, I have much to be thankful for.

I hope you can immediately come up with a list as long as mine.

If not, then you need to realize that if you are celebrating this holiday, then you are likely a citizen of the US….and while this country has many issues, it is still the place that many others in the world wish they could come to, and which many spend all their fortunes to get to…

This is, despite the continued erosion of our freedoms and incredible growth of government regulations in the past few years, still one of the freest places in the world, with a set of laws which protect the freedoms we have. (so far, anyway).

Few people in this country really starve. They might not eat the types of foods they wish to, or the best for them, but they get enough calories to survive, nearly every mealtime….and that makes them better off than a significant portion of the world’s population.

For the most part, we don’t have to fear the police, unlike many in this world.

The shining silver beacon of this country may be a bit tarnished lately, but it still shines brighter than almost any other country.

And I (and likely you) are privileged to live here.

So how do we reign him in? Without Civil War, I mean….

Congress isn’t doing it…

The courts aren’t doing it.

How do we reign in this out of control despot that ignores our Constitution and our way of governing?

When is enough, enough? When will we stop it?

Why have we, as citizens been afraid to try and stop him? Wyy do we let him get away with breaking the rules set forth in the Constitution and usurping powers reserved for the Congress and Senate? Why do the houses of Congress allow this?

Even major mainstream publications are asking this.

You should be asking this too. of your friends and neighbors….

Everyone should be afraid of this. Liberal and Conservative alike. The destruction of the Constitution is a really bad idea, no matter whose agenda is moved forwards in the doing so.

Barry wants you to talk about Obamacare at Thanksgiving

No, really, he does. He wants you to have a Happy Thanksgiving

This will likely make people like your Brother-in-Law (who likely doesn’t want to be there with your family anyway) very happy with you….which isn’t a Bad Thing if he is a progressive, but will not make him very happy if his a a Conservative.

Of course, you could go all the way (Hey, if yer gonna make an already irritated Brother-In-Law go nuts, you might as well go all the way…..) and tell him that he HAS to take a double serving of cranberries even if he doesn’t like them, cover them with gravy even if he doesn’t want to (rules are rules, even when they make no sense), and charge him for the privilege. Say a hundred bucks. If he wants more, make it $150….explain that the “rich” need to pay their fair share…..

Then, of course, to really end the evening well, give him the entire DNC treatment: take 1/3 of everything he puts on his plate as a ‘Tax” (this also includes his liquor) and give it to someone else…preferably someone he doesn’t know. maybe a homeless guy waiting outside,,,

 Charge him 60% of his dessert as a “luxury”. Even more if he wants a second helping

Only do this, of course, if you are brave….or at someone else’s house.  

Just in case you didn’t see it:

You should go HERE .

Follow and read the links.

All of them.

Find out what the NSA really wants to do…..

If you aren’t angry by the time you are done, then you are truly a sheep.
Never say anything on the telephone or in any electronic communication that you don’t want overheard, copied and possibly disseminated to others.


If you don’t wish to be tracked: Leave your cell phone at home….Not turn it off, but leave it at home.

If you use a burn phone (I don’t, not worth the trouble)), NEVER have it on at the same time as your main phone…if possible, never have them in the same area. Keep them a mile or more apart.

You can consider email, encrypted or not, to be as private as a postcard.

The only reasonably secure communications are those done face to face, far from any electronic devices.  Like in the middle of a field or a cabin in the woods.

I really don’t have much to hide, so I don’t worry about that which I cannot control. But if you do, or if you have communications you wish to be private, then never use any electronic form of communication.

It’s that simple.


Seems that the official report on the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School is being delayed.

Oddly, the State Police are witholding the evidence that they have from the state Prosecutor.

Isn’t that interesting?

add this to the fact that the school was razed, and that none of us have seen any photos, video stills, or videos from the school on the day that Adam Lanza supposedly went on his spree……Despite the fact that the school had just installed a half million dollar surveillance system.

Not one photo, not one second of video, not a single video still.

I, and others, find that odd. Don’t you?

Now if Adam Lanza or the school principal were running for office as a Republican…..