So how do we reign him in? Without Civil War, I mean….

Congress isn’t doing it…

The courts aren’t doing it.

How do we reign in this out of control despot that ignores our Constitution and our way of governing?

When is enough, enough? When will we stop it?

Why have we, as citizens been afraid to try and stop him? Wyy do we let him get away with breaking the rules set forth in the Constitution and usurping powers reserved for the Congress and Senate? Why do the houses of Congress allow this?

Even major mainstream publications are asking this.

You should be asking this too. of your friends and neighbors….

Everyone should be afraid of this. Liberal and Conservative alike. The destruction of the Constitution is a really bad idea, no matter whose agenda is moved forwards in the doing so.

1 thought on “So how do we reign him in? Without Civil War, I mean….

  1. It is going to be bloody difficult, because liberalism is a religion, and when you're one of it's adherents, the death of millions means nothing to you; your faith cannot be shaken.

    The way we got here, is incremental. The hippies from the summer of love were laughed at, at the time, but they are now the teachers in our schools, everywhere. It is a long march we have ahead, but it has been done before, it was done to bring us from sanity to this silliness.

    We have done it ourself to get our gun rights back, and only through constant vigilance have we kept them.

    If you haven't, you should read this most excellent post by Bill Whittle.

    He and I don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but this essay is excellent.

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