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Find out what the NSA really wants to do…..

If you aren’t angry by the time you are done, then you are truly a sheep.
Never say anything on the telephone or in any electronic communication that you don’t want overheard, copied and possibly disseminated to others.


If you don’t wish to be tracked: Leave your cell phone at home….Not turn it off, but leave it at home.

If you use a burn phone (I don’t, not worth the trouble)), NEVER have it on at the same time as your main phone…if possible, never have them in the same area. Keep them a mile or more apart.

You can consider email, encrypted or not, to be as private as a postcard.

The only reasonably secure communications are those done face to face, far from any electronic devices.  Like in the middle of a field or a cabin in the woods.

I really don’t have much to hide, so I don’t worry about that which I cannot control. But if you do, or if you have communications you wish to be private, then never use any electronic form of communication.

It’s that simple.

3 thoughts on “Just in case you didn’t see it:

  1. There are methods of secure communication that can be employed, but it's worthless if you're not looking for the right security.

    Google Chat? Worthless. Yahoo? Worthless. iMessage? Very worthless. Skype? STFU…

    The only kind of secure communications you can have on the internet is a form of communication where you and *ONLY* your partner in communication have the encryption keys.

    Any form of communication where *YOU* do not hold the keys is open to the government. If you don't think the government can get the encryption keys from Apple to read your iMessages, I have a bridge to sell you in New York.

    'Off The Record' is a communications encryption package that piggy backs on most of all of the public instant messaging protocols. It encrypts it and sends the encrypted text to the recipient, so unless that recipient has encryption keys, interlopers see nothing. Get those 4096 bit keys prepared and keep em locked up. Anything short of that is an open book.

  2. And with supercomputers to decrypt the messages even that isn't 100%.

    One time pads, book/page sentence/word codes work unless someone really wants to read youe mail.

    and encrypted stuff will make you a target.

  3. Normally, yes. However, the NSA has screwed the pooch so badly that everybody is moving to encryption on pretty much everything. TrueCrypt has managed to get enough money for an independent security audit. The major providers are encrypting their back ends (not that that will make a huge difference) and the number of privacy applications is now starting to ooze out of every nook and cranny.

    They've got their hands full

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