OK, so i’m not the only one:

Forbes sees the danger as well…(read BOTH pages).

We are were a nation of laws. If Barry Obama can ignore and set aside laws which he finds distasteful or inconvenient, can you and I not do the same? Can id decide which laws are valid and which are not based on my agreement with them?

This is a usurpation of power…Where will it ultimately lead? If he can get away with usurping the Constitutional powers reserved to the House and Senate, can he then go farther, having set a precedent, and refuse to step down at the end of his second term? (I realize that this is unlikely, but if can do one, then he can do the other).

If the Constitution is no barrier or obstacle to, or limitation upon, any single man’s power, what is? What limits are there? Can he then restrict voting? Prevent elections? Set aside vote counts? incarcerate those who disagree with him just because he wishes to even though they have broken no laws?

The Constitution is all that stands between us and the tyranny we see happening in other counties, both third and first world. ANY erosion of that bulwark is dangerous and precedent setting.

Enough is enough. This must stop. Immediately. This isn’t about politics. It is about Constitutional law. I call upon our legislators and our Courts to stop this. Right now.

We have an imperfect Republic, but it is ours…and it works. It has made the United States the best country, the place where freedom loving people have striven to come to, for 237 years….

But can we keep it?