They should buy billboards in all the blue cities

and advertise that Biden is suing Texas for arresting Illegal Border Crossers.


Make sure that every denizen of the blue cities affected by the illegal alien invasion are aware that Biden wants more illegals. He’s actively stopping people from preventing them from crossing.

Especially do advertising in the South Side of Chicago, where black people are finding out that they rank below the invaders from Spanish Speaking countries in the eyes of the Democrats. Lots of money for the illegals, but not for the Black communities.


They really don’t want any more details to come out

So Sam Bankman-Fried will not be tried a second time on the other charges

If they did charge him, then all sorts of evidence might come up….like who (and how much) he donated to in his illegal political donations..

And we know the Democrats People in Power don’t want that to happen…

It is getting irritating how much the DOJ is working to help (or at least hot harm) the Democrats, innit?

It isn’t prejudice

When decent people fear feral black people and discourage them from entering their businesses.

It’s the odds that this sort of thing can happen.

You certainly don’t ever hear of whites having a chimp-out episode, nor Vietnamese, nor Indians (middle easterners), nor latinos, nor any other groups…

It’s only black people that act like groups of apes chasing a squirrel.

Why is that?

Also, have you noticed?

The Media. on reporting the banning of Trump from ballots by Democratic officials, is using words like:

“Determine whether Trump was complicit in the insurrection.”

As if there was actually an insurrection. They are stating it as fact.

Subtle, but effective.



Oh, fer chrissake….

These Democrats are getting desperate.

At this point they are simply copying each other, following fashion, as it were. Uselessly and stupidly.

Like women parroting what other women say just to follow the crowd.

Or maybe they are just stupid enough to think that their wishes and most fervent hopes and dreams can somehow magically become reality. But these actions demonstrate the  fact that they are unfit for the office(s) they hold.

Now Maine has copied the whole “Insurrection makes him ineligible” idea and removed him from the ballot.

Wishful thinking (Assuming we still have the Rule of Law and a set of Constitutional Rights)….There hasn’t been a conviction of any of the charges they feel disqualify him….Innocent until proven guilty and all that,   Funny how those concepts disappear when the folks on the Left find it convenient, innit?

(Note that even the Leftist Media is careful to refer to it as “allegations” of insurrection. They hate Trump, but they aren’t stupid enough to go too far.)

They may well believe that Trump is guilty, but they aren’t the Judge nor Jury, and it would seem that they have forgotten that.


When one part of the government tries to tell you who you can (and can’t) vote for for your government, you live in a Banana Republic. When those that think they are your betters believe that they can do so, you have a dictatorship

Ten percent for the “Big Guy” I assume

Last appropriation is $250 million for Ukraine.


Yep, a quarter of a billion dollars that they snuck past and got to Ukraine. I figure that about 25% is being kicked back to the various senators and congressmen who are supporting (or need to be induced to support) further aid.


It’s pretty sad when your tax dollars are used to bribe your congrescritters for more tax dollars, innit? (at least that is what it appears to be, I could be wrong….feel free to correct me in comments)


I’m sure that, if asked,  the states would provide some folks from their National Guard to help stem the border invasion

And, it is said that there are over 15000 in a “caravan” en-route through Mexico right now. (ETA: One would ask how, if Mexico isn’t complicit in this invasion, are these people being fed,…how are their sanitation needs being met, places to sleep, etc…and did you notice they all have working cell phones?)

For that matter, if they asked, I have no doubt that the Federal Government could get thousands of Patriotic Americans willing to volunteer to help hold the border against this invasion….if they’d ask for volunteers….which they won’t.

Of course that would have to mean that the Biden Administration wanted to stop the invasion and actually cared about border integrity….and was not complicit in inviting these people to invade our country.

Oh, well, we can just keep shipping them to Blue Sanctuary Cities until THEY demand that Biden close the border…..

The Dems fail to realize, however, that the Border is gonna be the thing that breaks their constituency and makes them lose the election.

Of COURSE it must have been slavery

The Left has stated that it was the real reason….so it MUST be true.

Nikki Haley got  castigated for failing to mention slavery as reason for Civil war

Not economics,

Not freedom of choice of government.

Not freedom of choice of how they lived their lives.

While slavery may have been “a” reason, it wasn’t the PRIMARY reason. But the Left (again) wants to rewrite history their way.

They made sure to set this up to get the answer into the media so they could talk about it on the news. Gotta keep the shit stirred up, right?