Oh, fer chrissake….

These Democrats are getting desperate.

At this point they are simply copying each other, following fashion, as it were. Uselessly and stupidly.

Like women parroting what other women say just to follow the crowd.

Or maybe they are just stupid enough to think that their wishes and most fervent hopes and dreams can somehow magically become reality. But these actions demonstrate the  fact that they are unfit for the office(s) they hold.

Now Maine has copied the whole “Insurrection makes him ineligible” idea and removed him from the ballot.

Wishful thinking (Assuming we still have the Rule of Law and a set of Constitutional Rights)….There hasn’t been a conviction of any of the charges they feel disqualify him….Innocent until proven guilty and all that,   Funny how those concepts disappear when the folks on the Left find it convenient, innit?

(Note that even the Leftist Media is careful to refer to it as “allegations” of insurrection. They hate Trump, but they aren’t stupid enough to go too far.)

They may well believe that Trump is guilty, but they aren’t the Judge nor Jury, and it would seem that they have forgotten that.


When one part of the government tries to tell you who you can (and can’t) vote for for your government, you live in a Banana Republic. When those that think they are your betters believe that they can do so, you have a dictatorship

4 thoughts on “Oh, fer chrissake….

  1. this is progress and i for one am glad to see it. we’ve been stuck in 1855 for 20 years. things should pick up speed from here.

  2. We don’t have rule of law anymore. Haven’t had it for decades. We’ve had a two tiered system of pseudo justice since at least the 90’s when Slick Willie infested the White House.

  3. Not only has Trump not been found guilty, he has not been charged. As a matter of fact NO ONE in the January 6th show trials was charged with insurrection.

  4. It is vote tampering. Telling others who they can vote for is wrong. That the person being removed being the #1 opposition candidate – classic rigged election.

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