Also, have you noticed?

The Media. on reporting the banning of Trump from ballots by Democratic officials, is using words like:

“Determine whether Trump was complicit in the insurrection.”

As if there was actually an insurrection. They are stating it as fact.

Subtle, but effective.



3 thoughts on “Also, have you noticed?

  1. That was the exact playbook from the 2020 Selection.
    Declare Biden the winner, as if it had actually happened, then service the narrative until the imaginary ballots were all added to the tally.


  2. The commie left has known forever that controlling the language gives them control over the culture.

  3. Not only was Trump never charged with insurrection, NONE of those sent to jail in the January 6th show trials were charged with insurrection. Even the Feds don’t think there was an attempt to overthrow the government.

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