Of COURSE it must have been slavery

The Left has stated that it was the real reason….so it MUST be true.

Nikki Haley got  castigated for failing to mention slavery as reason for Civil war

Not economics,

Not freedom of choice of government.

Not freedom of choice of how they lived their lives.

While slavery may have been “a” reason, it wasn’t the PRIMARY reason. But the Left (again) wants to rewrite history their way.

They made sure to set this up to get the answer into the media so they could talk about it on the news. Gotta keep the shit stirred up, right?


3 thoughts on “Of COURSE it must have been slavery

    • They’re not restoring chattel slavery. They’re creating wage and job slavery, as in feudalism, where the serf/peasant is tied to a job or a location without the ability to leave, and where their children and children’s children continue to be tied to the job or the land.

      At least in most countries in the medieval period, a serf or peasant who escaped and remained uncaught for a year and a day was considered ‘free.’ Of course, then he’d have to get a job or a profession and tie himself down again to the feudal system. And, of course, having escaped serfdom once, the only jobs for a freed serf were the ones on the bottom of the job list, the ones that sucked and killed more often than not.

      This is what our new elites are doing with their attacks on ownership and freedom of movement, freedom of religion, freedom of education.

      Once there are 2-3 generations of new serfs and peasants, then chattel slavery (as practiced in Europe) will arise as people will be sold into chattel slavery to pay off their debts. And once a chattel slave, all outcome from said slavery, including children, belong first to the owners then to the slaves.

      So, yes, Karl, there will be slavery-slavery (chattel slavery, where one is property) but first there will be feudalism, where elites control jobs or businesses or land and the ’employees’ won’t have the ability to leave, being permanently tied to the elite who ‘ownes the rights’ to that person.

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