I’m sure that, if asked,  the states would provide some folks from their National Guard to help stem the border invasion

And, it is said that there are over 15000 in a “caravan” en-route through Mexico right now. (ETA: One would ask how, if Mexico isn’t complicit in this invasion, are these people being fed,…how are their sanitation needs being met, places to sleep, etc…and did you notice they all have working cell phones?)

For that matter, if they asked, I have no doubt that the Federal Government could get thousands of Patriotic Americans willing to volunteer to help hold the border against this invasion….if they’d ask for volunteers….which they won’t.

Of course that would have to mean that the Biden Administration wanted to stop the invasion and actually cared about border integrity….and was not complicit in inviting these people to invade our country.

Oh, well, we can just keep shipping them to Blue Sanctuary Cities until THEY demand that Biden close the border…..

The Dems fail to realize, however, that the Border is gonna be the thing that breaks their constituency and makes them lose the election.

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  1. I would DEFINITELY be willing to “push back” against the ongoing invasion of our country! Maybe this is something we need to do ourselves. After all, “We, The People, and all.

    As for these “caravans,” did you also notice that these peoples’ clothing is SPOTLESS??? Idunno about you, but I can’t be outside more than an hour or so before my clothes start showing what I’ve been up to.

    …This whole thing is staged and orchestrated by the treasonous Left, and should be dealt with accordingly… by We, The People…

  2. not only will the feds not accept volunteers to stem the tide but they will arrest you if you even try to do anything about it. its all going according to plan. the feds along w/ soros,wef pay the charities mainly the catholic church to ferry these people up here for the cartels which they then pay to let them across. the drugs and child trafficking is just a side hustle. the cartels control mexico completely thanks in part to this situation.

  3. No….the border and the mess there will have NO effect whatsoever on the Demonrats hold on power. TINVOWOOT The ONLY thing that will hinder the !efts abuse of power is us XXXXXXXX them. Nothing else will even faze them.

    • There ya go again. I won’t let it happen, not on my blog. At some point yer gonna get me and yourself in trouble. No talk of murder in my comments.

      Keep it up and you lose comment privileges.


  4. My home state,(AZ), Texas, Califonia, New Mexico… Veterans know the consequences if urban warfare occurs on our soil; things are coming to a boil.

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