They should buy billboards in all the blue cities

and advertise that Biden is suing Texas for arresting Illegal Border Crossers.


Make sure that every denizen of the blue cities affected by the illegal alien invasion are aware that Biden wants more illegals. He’s actively stopping people from preventing them from crossing.

Especially do advertising in the South Side of Chicago, where black people are finding out that they rank below the invaders from Spanish Speaking countries in the eyes of the Democrats. Lots of money for the illegals, but not for the Black communities.


3 thoughts on “They should buy billboards in all the blue cities

  1. Many, perhaps most of the libtards in blue cities support Biden’s war on Texas support and enforcement of the law.

    • But the average joe, and especially the black population, don’t want the Illegals.

  2. I ‘think’ they are overconfident in their base staying with them…just sayin…

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