I hope for all of you

That 2024 is better than 2023 was.


I hope for our country that we get a leader that cares about the country and the citizens  more than his/her agenda.

I hope that we all find satisfaction in whatever we do, and fulfillment by doing it.

Happy New Year to each and every one of my readers.

6 thoughts on “I hope for all of you

  1. Not only a leader who puts Americans first, but one who bulldozes through obstructionist politicians, career fedgov, and MSM talking heads. And does not take advice from the same.

  2. Thank you for the well wishes for the next year; I’ll return the sentiment.
    As of today; 1/1/24; there are only 385 days left in this despot regime.

  3. Hope is not a strategy. Plan for more of what 2023 brought us because that is what the criminals in power have planned.

    • I do plan for worst case. Doesn’t mean I cannot hope and wish for better for myself and all of you.

      Christ, yer a total downer and kind of an ass lately. Someone pissing in your cheerios every morning these days? Or are you off yer meds?

      • I’m a realist. Sucks that reality these days is so nasty. I can remember when the future actually looked bright. But before we get to a point where the future looks bright again things will get a lot worse. Ignoring that reality isn’t going to help anyone. Half a decade working ER medicine teaches one to accept what is, not what one would want.

        • I hope it goes better for you so you can find some hope.

          In the meantime, go be a downer elsewhere.

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