Pissy when it happens to them

So the mayors of Chicago and New York tried to stem the tide of illegal immigrants (The news media is now calling the “Migrants”…leaving out the “illegal” part…) being dropped off in their city…they have mandated that busses arriving be scheduled, and limited.

So Texas is simply dropping them off in the suburbs….in towns close to the Blue cities.

And the cites are unhappy that hey can’t stop the tide of illegals that arrive in their space and demand housing, food, and shelter.

Funny, they won’t do anything to stop the tide of illegals coming over the border into Texas and New Mexico….they still encourage border crossers, and haven’t decried Biden’s border policies.

But they are greatly unhappy that Texas is still succeeding in dropping off (some of) their unwanted boarder crossers. Plus this in Chicago

After all, no one is scheduling all those folks crossing the border into Texas, are they?  And Biden wants to prevent Texas from enforcing the state laws keeping illegals out of Texas..


Share the Pain, Isn’t that part of the Socialist Mantra?

2 thoughts on “Pissy when it happens to them

  1. These leftist city leaders are getting a first hand real world lesson in the results of the agenda their party leaders have embraced. Yet they appear to be b incapable of actually learning from that lesson. That would be what is called doubling down on stupid.

  2. That’s odd. Illegals crossing the borders just show up 24 hours a day.

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