Interesting thought:

‘Twas pointed out to me that Weiner’s behavior is possibly (Probably?) because he has been, for years and years, a “Beard” for Huma. He ain’t gettin’ any at home, so he goes and looks elsewhere.

Makes sense, really. Especially if the rumors about Huma and Hillary are true.

I wonder….

“If you are under DHS investigation you shouldn’t be allowed to buy a gun or to fly”

So, I expect that Ms Clinton will be stepping down then? I mean, having a firearms or flying is one thing, but running for president is another.


Indy 1500.

Shoulda bought that $900 1911 that Tam was selling. I left to cogitate upon it a bit, and when I returned, someone else had chosen to purchase it .

Oh well. “you snooze, you lose”. My Bad.

It WAS a Really Nice firearm though. Worn in, not worn out. Lightly customized. Well cared for.


Didn’t find anything else that tripped my trigger….

Setting the example


Teaching the next generation how to behave.

Yeah, that’ll help ’em later in life. Teach ’em how to interact.

Notice the demographic. Yeah, I’m a racist for pointing it out. I got that. Doesn’t change the facts, does it?


So I am on the shuttle bus from the airport to remote parking (which is also, late at night, the rental car shuttle, as the terminals are across the street from each other).

The bus is full, and I am sitting at one end. An older lady is last to enter at the other end, and the doors close.

The young black man sitting in front of her gets up and offers her his seat. She politely decline his offer with thanks, and he sits back down.

As we exit, I catch up to him. Told him that was a nice thing to do.

“That’s the way I was raised”.

“Yeah, but you did it when NO ONE that knows you was watching.”

That, my friends, is one definition of character. He had it. No one else at that end of the bus chose to be gallant. He did. For no gain.

There is hope for the future.

Contrast this with the story 2 below this.

A row all your own

So I fly from Phoenix to Chicago Midway….

Stopover in San Antonio.

The light is full from PHX to SAT.

All but three of us get off in SAT.

The flight attendants tell me that the flight from SAT to MDW is only gonna be about 2/3 full.

I move to the front of the airplane, as I only have carryon luggage  and I can get on the road to home quickly that way.

The flight starts boarding. We are nearly done when a HUGE woman comes in the door. Like 5’2″ and pushing 350 lbs…she barely fit in the aisle.
Carrying a 6 week old baby in a carrier and two bags…plus a diaper bag.

She stops at my row and asks if she can sit there.


“Of course”, I say….”It will give us a chance to discuss your child’s relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ”.

I had the entire row to myself for the flight