So I am on the shuttle bus from the airport to remote parking (which is also, late at night, the rental car shuttle, as the terminals are across the street from each other).

The bus is full, and I am sitting at one end. An older lady is last to enter at the other end, and the doors close.

The young black man sitting in front of her gets up and offers her his seat. She politely decline his offer with thanks, and he sits back down.

As we exit, I catch up to him. Told him that was a nice thing to do.

“That’s the way I was raised”.

“Yeah, but you did it when NO ONE that knows you was watching.”

That, my friends, is one definition of character. He had it. No one else at that end of the bus chose to be gallant. He did. For no gain.

There is hope for the future.

Contrast this with the story 2 below this.