And here we have corroboration:

Of the stuff I posted on the “Privacy” post 2 down from this.

You can be tracked. Easily. More easily and in more ways in some places than other, but tracked via cell phone for sure.

The phone of the Austin bomber was used to track him and determine his whereabouts in the days prior to his arrest…making him a suspect once they thought he might be…..In other words, his truck was seen at (or near) the FedEx office…which led to a license plate, which led to a name, which led to a cell phone, which led to tracking his PAST whereabouts….which led to him being more than a suspect.

Now, I’m not bombing anyone (yet, anyway) and I don’t commit crimes as a rule….But read this article to see how, exactly, you can be tracked if someone wants to do so. (HT: Kenny at Knucledraggin).

If you want to hide, you gotta have a car not in your name, and a phone not in your name and neither can be traced to you….and they can NEVER be co-located with your “Legit”phone or car….and that is difficult.

Now, again, I doubt anyone reading this is trying to hide at this time…..I;m certainly not. But simply “paying cash” doesn’t make you invisible, either.