Oughta charge ’em with murder

 I mean, sending people with Covid-19 (or, for that matter, any disease that can be deadly to elderly people) to nursing homes….and when those facilities balked, ORDERING them to accept those patients is tantamount to murder, really. 

Every death in one of those nursing homes from Covid should be another charge of murder. 

3 thoughts on “Oughta charge ’em with murder

  1. yep, and at least one of those sent there b/c he had covid was a cna, who then abused the invalid patients including a ww2 veteran, caught on video. another stellar diversity hire of course.

    • And I believe that vet just passed away in the last couple of weeks.

  2. B: Yep, at this point I'm pretty sure they knew what they were doing especially so with the example of PA's Health Secretary pulling her mother out of the nursing home as she ordered them to take in covid patients. They damn well knew or should have known then what would happen, and they sure as hell know now and in the case of our own Governor Half-Whit they're doubling down on it.

    Not sure if they figured it was a great chance to reduce the state's medicare/medicaid costs, or just to pump the numbers up to create a worsening crisis.

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