So you gotta wonder how

They are gonna spin this one:

Trans female former student, 28, armed with two assault rifles and a handgun, kills three nine-year-old kids and three staff members at Nashville private Christian school

I mean, trans woman (or whatever)….Chick who wanted to be a guy?

Anyway, attacks a CHRISTIAN, Church-run school.

Hate crime? If not, why not? If it were a black school, it would be a hate crime. If it were a Jewish school it would be a hate crime. Plus the trans woman-religious school connection.

Either way, perp has attained room temperature so she/he/her/him(or whateverthefuck pronoun) won’t be passing on those defective genes.

It’ll be interesting to see how they media plays this.

Of course, “more gun control would have stopped this” (not). Plus “Assault Rifle” and all that…..Perhaps we need Trans Control or better mental health resources instead.

ETA: Innit interesting that this shooting happened (and is publicized¬† by the Media) just after Slow Joe and the Democrats began their latest push for Gun Control? Terribly convenient, eh? Funny how these things all seem to work like that…..

3 thoughts on “So you gotta wonder how

  1. It we be played as “We need more gun control/gun bans” and they’re going to gloss right over the nature of the killer.

  2. not just assault rifle, but TWO assault rifles. where have we seen that before? somebody is obviously winding up these psychos and pointing them in the wrong direction. we need to find out who/what.

  3. “…happened (and is publicized by the Media) just after Slow Joe and the Democrats began their latest push for Gun Control? “

    The late Neal Knox opined 40 years ago regarding similar events back then that the “Anti-Gun Industrial Complex” (my wording, not his) seemed to have a ready supply of perps to activate whenever the political situation called for it.

    I suspect that the only thing that has changed in that regard is the anti-liberty groups now receive more money, better instruction and are more coordinated in their efforts.

    Anon 2

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