Holy Fcuk!

Drove from NW Indiana to East Lansing Michiganistan today….and back.

Rain when I left.

Turned to freezing rain just past the state line. Then sleet. Rain, sleet. Ice, Freezing rain/Ice….then snow. Then more rain then sleet ….then snow.

Then, for the last 30 miles, nothing. Ran about a 50 MPH average where I often run 75

Loaded up my elderly passenger and his possessions, (in the sleet) and then made for home.

Sleet/slush/snow/rain…in every combination.

‘Twasn’t the roads, but the friggin’ PEOPLE that made the drive so bad. Yes, it was slikkery, but I can deal with that. The morons? Not so much. 30 MPH on the interstate? Dude, get off the road. Fer sure, get out of the LEFT LANE. Don’t be too skeered to pass the truck, either pass it or fall back and run behind it….But don’t block the lane for the following 2 miles of people that can’t get past you…

Grrr. 39 MPH AVERAGE…where 55 or 60 would have been safe much of the time.

But got my passenger to where he needed to be, safely, if a bit late.

So all is good.

But I HATE the first real weather because of the fools that cannot deal with it.

2 thoughts on “Holy Fcuk!

  1. Hang in there, the first big storm usually wipes out the idiot populations vehicles thus clearing the roads temporarily. Until they duct tape everything somewhat back together again:)

  2. It's coming here tomorrow a.m. All the idiots will be out "trying" to drive in the first storm of the year.

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